The 180: The tradition continues

By: The 180
Photo of seven Hotelies on The 180 executive board standing in Statler Hall
The 180 executive board in Statler Hall

The 180 is an annual magazine and yearbook written and published by students in the School of Hotel Administration. The final product is distributed to Hotelies at the end of the academic year.

By Togo Tamura ’19, Executive Director for The 180,
and Josh Lin ’20, Director of Copy for The 180

Tradition. Every culture in the world has unique traditions that define the people who are part of it. As for Hotelies, we have our own set of traditions that we continue to uphold.

We eat at Establishment during our peers’ management night to show support and fill ourselves with innovative meals. We don our suit and dresses to meet our distinguished speakers for Hotelie Fridays and finish the night with truffle fries from the Regent Lounge.

Several student organizations take part in conferences while others host roundtables with female leaders or hold case competitions on topics ranging from real estate to entrepreneurship. We travel to New York City for the Hotel Show Weekend to network with our alumni. Then we bring them back to Ithaca with Hotel Ezra Cornell, where students take on major responsibilities to exemplify what service is all about.

We want to showcase all of these traditions and share them with you.

On behalf of the entire staff and the executive board, we are very excited to introduce our new publication and online series, The 180, to you. The traditions continue on to be unique to us and they unite us as Hotelies. We hope The 180 will capture those moments for you to remember.

One of the many Hotelie traditions was the publication of a yearbook until its last print run in 2003. The Hotelie yearbook truly brought the Hotelie community together in one book and captured all of the memories that we cherish to this day. This compilation of memories promotes what it means to be a Hotelie and serves as a keepsake for years to come.

A lot has changed since the last publication of the yearbook. Mac’s Cafe was only used by Hotelies, the Student Lounge hadn’t been remodeled, and a giant spiral staircase used to exist in the Statler auditorium foyer. However, the spirit of the Hotel School has never changed—and it never will. Even as time passes the culture of the school will always remain the same.

The 180 strives to highlight members of the Hotelie community through collections of photos and moments compiled over the course of the school year. We also hope to continue the legacy that the yearbooks had; and thus, the theme for this year’s publication is traditions. We hope this first installment of The 180 will honor the yearbook traditions of the past and start a new tradition as a yearly chronicle of the Hotel School and its memories.

About Togo Tamura ’19

Headshot of Togo Tamura

Togo Tamura is a rising senior in the Hotel School and is pursuing minors in real estate and international relations. He founded and led The 180 as the executive director due to his vision of chronicling the dynamic aspects of the Hotelie life. As the executive director, Togo worked with the inaugural executive team and staff members and the SHA faculty to bring an idea to reality. Outside of The 180, Togo enjoys cooking, playing volleyball, and traveling to new places.

About Josh Lin ’20

Headshot of Josh Lin

Josh Lin is a rising junior in the Hotel School and is pursuing a concentration in finance and a minor in real estate. He joined The 180 as the director of copy because of his desire to share the fascinating aspects of each and every Hotelie. In his position, Josh organized the literary content that showcased this year’s Hotelies and brought the traditions theme to life. Outside of The 180, Josh enjoys playing tennis, going on trips with friends, and listening to all different types of music.