The 180: Focus on food and beverage

By: The 180
Photo of a girl pouring coffee to a table of guests at Hotel Ezra Cornell

The 180 is an annual magazine and yearbook written and published by students in the School of Hotel Administration. The final product is distributed to Hotelies at the end of the academic year.

Students in the School of Hotel Administration have ample opportunities to get involved in the area of food and beverage. From extracurriculars to coursework and from internships to blogging, Hotelies have tapped into all SHA has to offer.

Here’s a look at some of their experiences from the 2017–2018 academic year.

Amanda Cheuh ’20

Photo of 6 HEC waitstaff in their service uniforms

“Bartending for HEC [Hotel Ezra Cornell] allowed me to get to really know the guests in a more unconventional and casual way. Not only did I have a really great time talking to industry professionals that I was making drinks for, but I also had a lot of fun training every week with the team in preparation and seeing all of our hard work pay off!”

Claire Coulter ’18

Photo of Claire standing at the service counter at CTB

“I like working at CTB [Collegetown Bagels] because it gives me a chance to use what I learned in the Hotel School and apply it to a real-life situation outside of the classroom.”

Alexa Torres ’21

Photo of Alexa working the register at Mac's

“I have been employed at Mac’s Café since the beginning of fall semester and it has been such a great experience. From working with the most amazing team to performing back of the house operations in the food and beverage industry, I have learned so much. I love how customizable our food products at Mac’s Café are because no sandwich or salad will be the same. I like to focus on the aesthetics of the food I make because I want customers to be fully satisfied upon receiving their meal.”

Grace Bricken ’20

Photo of Grace holding a LifeWtr bottle with matching jacket

“During the fall semester of my sophomore year, I was the student brand ambassador for Pepsi. My role was to promote different products of Pepsi that include LifeWTR, Izze Fusions, and Starbucks Double Shots. It was a lot of fun and interesting to engage with all of Pepsi’s different brands and realizing how an overhead company has a variety of marketing strategies and way to interact with different customers. I highly encourage Hotelies to reach out to companies to become a brand ambassador on campus because we are all social and vibrant students and this was a great learning experience.”

Lane Rosen ’19

Photo of Lane piping dough into a pan
Photo of Lane holding a ball of dough and smiling

“I have an associate’s degree in baking and pastry arts from the Culinary Institute of America. At Cornell I continued to stay involved with food and beverage by being a teaching assistant (TA) in HADM 3550: Restaurant Management. I love working as a TA in this class because I get to work both back and front of house a little bit each week while learning new things in my classes.”

Bradley Chen ’21

Photo of strawberry ice cream
Photo of a loaf of banana bread
Photos of mini pies
Photo of a cake

“The art of making food is one that translates throughout all cultures. There was something in the process that I couldn’t quite put my finger on that would always make my day better. Through something I call “hospitality-focused blogging,” Brad & Butter became a medium in which I could make sure I was doing the most to make somebody, anybody’s day better. In reality, that mirrors my perception of hospitality itself: the notion of providing a service but also providing it in a manner that uplifts other people.”