The 180: Ye Hosts Honor Society

By: The 180
Photo of the Ye Hosts group at an event

The Ye Hosts Honor Society is composed of Hotel School students that are selected from the top 10 percent of their class. Members serve as role models and are exemplary students and ambassadors. Ye Hosts members serve as liaisons between the student body and various groups such as faculty, Cornell administration, alumni, and industry leaders. Many also serve as teaching assistants.

Here are some reflections from the 2017–2018 academic year:

Christie Choy ’18, president

“Ye Hosts is a community for members to be proud of their achievements, be grateful for the opportunities they have been given, and be mindful of the ways they can contribute to improving the academic and extracurricular environment at the Hotel School.”

Photo of Christi standing at a podium
Christie Choi ’18

Julie Mercado ’18

“My thesis examines the impact of a no-tipping policy on staff wages and turnover. I was interested in the subject because my little brother is a very talented cook but is rightly hesitant to make a career out of it because it is tough to work in a kitchen in the United States—you endure long hours and meager pay. So I wanted to see if implementing a no-tipping policy could be a feasible, sustainable solution for both back-of-house and front-of-house staff.”

Kanaai Shah ’19

“The aspect of Ye Hosts I like the most is that it brings together some of the most unique people in the Hotel School and allows them to interact with each other. Many of the people in this society are the most talented and intelligent individuals that I have met on this campus, and having the opportunity to interact with them allows me to learn from their past successes and mistakes.

Despite having been in the organization for just over a semester, the society has connected me with individuals who have similar passions and interests. Particular students within Ye Hosts have helped me navigate professional and academic opportunities. Additionally, the organization serves as a resource for younger students and collaborates to conduct the end-of-year student and faculty awards.”

Photo of two male students at a reception

2017–2018 Officers

President: Christie Choy

VP of Latin Honors: Rachelle Ng

VP of Academic Affairs: Albert Lin

VP of Internal Affairs: Vikki Vaswani

VP of External Affairs: Allison Callen

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