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Career influencers for 2017 … and beyond! Part 2

Laurie Sedgwick discusses the career maintenance behaviors and successful career transitions that that lead to a successful career.

Image of entrepreneurs Don Stallings, Kenneth Burger and Diana Rider chat during a break at the 2017 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities at Statler Hall.
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Noteworthy: Hotel School hosts entrepreneurship bootcamp for disabled vets

Cornell’s entrepreneurship boot camp program trains veterans who want to start businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Christian Duncan, MBA ’10, Johnson Means Business and Diversity Symposium
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Commanding your own legacy: Christian Duncan, MBA ’10, delivers symposium keynote

Duncan returned to his alma mater to celebrate the very day he found out he had received an interview for Johnson 10 years ago.

Marine Osprey, Credit: Marine Sgt. Royce Dorman
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Military Veterans: MBA education fosters natural business leadership

In my experience as a veteran in the Executive MBA Americas program at Cornell, Johnson is similar to the Marines in that it’s creating great leaders.

A decade in the making: From military to MBA
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A decade in the making: From military to MBA

I certainly don’t know where I will be in another ten years. What I can say is, between the military and my MBA, I feel prepared for whatever comes next.

Photo of some members of the MMH Class of 2018 cohort with Richelle King
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Why MMH? To strengthen our family business in the hospitality industry

A lot of people questioned why I chose to go to school to learn hospitality when I could learn it in my own backyard. But I chose the MMH program, and here’s why.

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Direct, immediate impact: Managing and Leading in Organizations

My Managing and Leading in Organizations class with Michelle Duguid has, without a doubt, already impacted my leadership capabilities and my career.

Applying to Johnson's Two-Year MBA program
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5 things to review before applying to Johnson’s Two-Year MBA program

Could Johnson’s Two-Year MBA program be a good fit for you? This Ithaca-based program offers incredible flexibility and a one-of-a-kind community.

Photo of Damian Mogavero with a student at his book signing
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Restaurant revolutionary Damian Mogavero visits Hotel School

Damian Mogavero brought his success story to the Hotel School on Sept. 18 in a whirlwind 24-hour visit that included guest-lecturing, sharing every meal with groups of students and faculty members, and speaking about his new book.