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Staying connected: 4 tips for successful networking with an MBA

How do I stay connected with my network, classmates, professors, and fellow alumni? I have compiled four tips for successful networking with your MBA.

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For 2017 graduates, Johnson Cornell Tech MBA launches bright futures

Johnson Cornell Tech’s third class celebrated graduation in May. This cohort accomplished much during its year in New York City, and the future looks bright.


Megan Larkin ’17 finds the sweet spot in food and beverage studies

Larkin created “Cookie Melt,” with two classmates in Product Development in the Food and Beverage Industry, a course taught by SHA lecturer Chris Gaulke.

Product Management: A Pivotal Position

Product Management: A Pivotal Position

Some call it a “mini-CEO.” To others, “chief influencer” sounds more apt. Whatever descriptor you use, the role of product manager has captured the imagination of today’s MBAs.

Interview Tips
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Interview preparation: My best advice

After five years as a headhunter, eight years as a corporate recruiter, and 15 years as a career coach, here are my best tips for preparing for interviews.

Team building activity with the Americas program
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Can I keep working while in the Americas program?

The most concerning question I had when starting my MBA program was: will I be able to balance a full-time job while studying for my MBA? The answer is a big, resounding YES!


Sharonee Vaca ’19 takes off for aviation industry

Freshman year at SHA, Vaca networked and shared her passion for the aviation industry, and landed an internship in Delta’s networking planning department.

Maggie Chan Jones in Forbes
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Noteworthy: Alumna Maggie Chan Jones, MBA ’09, named 15th Most Influential CMO of 2017

Forbes ranked Maggie Chan Jones, Executive MBA Americas ’09, 15 in World’s Most influential CMOs of the Year list

Salary negotiations
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Getting what you want: A few tips on salary negotiation

Up until this time you have been sharing your value and strengths with the company, and letting them know how you will make a contribution.