Johnson MBAs with their pets during Meet My Pet virtual event
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MBAs find ways to stay social from a distance

From online club meetings to virtual Sage Socials, Johnson’s Student Council has taken the lead to ensure MBAs stay connected during the COVID-19 outbreak.

A Zoom screengrab of four webinar participants
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Faculty expert webinars help global audiences navigate the business impacts of COVID-19

Faculty expert webinars help thousands of Cornell students and alumni navigate the financial, managerial, and social impacts of COVID-19.

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Coronavirus price gouging: 33 top cops demand action from Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook and Walmart

Day Family Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics Dana Radcliffe, argues that the rules of a free and fair market should not apply during times of emergency.

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As the hospitality industry lays off hundreds, grocery employment becomes an opportunity

Supply chain economist Miguel Gomez says major retailers are hiring not just to meet increases in demand, but also because of new emergency legislation towards worker protections.

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Coronavirus: Can you–and should you–’shelter in place’ at a hotel or vacation rental?

David Sherwyn, professor of hospitality human resources, says hotel companies are doing everything they can to make their environments and safe as possible against COVID-19.

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Coronavirus emails from companies may not be calming to customers

Soo Kim, assistant professor of marketing, says that emails to customers may not be as comforting as companies hope during times of crisis and anxiety.

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Coronavirus drives the U.S. and China deeper into global power struggle

Dyson’s Nandlal P. Tolani Senior Professor of International Trade Policy, Eswar Prasad, says that U.S.-China relations have deteriorated to a low during a time when they should come together.

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Dire dollar shortage shows failure to fix key crisis flaw

Dyson’s Eswar Prasad says the dollar’s jump is renewing calls for financial-system reform missed during the 2008 crisis.

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30 days that brought the world to the brink of a depression

Dyson’s Nandlal P. Tolani Senior Professor of International Trade Policy, Eswar Prasad, provides insight into the future of global economic integration as companies react to the coronavirus pandemic and look forward.