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Requiring the COVID-19 vaccine: insights for businesses

Cornell alumni and industry experts representing both management and workers discuss whether U.S. employers should require their employees to be vaccinated.

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Start Retraining for Social Interactions

“Assess your own risk level and comfort,” Professor Sunita Sah told the New York Times, “so you’re very clear about what you would and would not like to do.”

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COVID-19’s Impact on the Workplace

Professor Kevin Kniffin discusses his coauthored article, “COVID-19 and the Workplace,” with Psychology Today.

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Is This the End of Tipping?

The pandemic is pushing the restaurant industry to consider a no-tip approach. “If you’re going to rebuild, let’s rebuild on a sounder model,” Professor Michael Lynn tells The New York Times.

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‘I even miss the airline delays:’ Meet the business travelers who can’t wait to get back on the road

“We really have no idea what business travel is going to look like and at what level it will come back,” Professor Chris Anderson tells the Washington Post.

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Empty hotel rooms have become private dining rooms and office spaces

Steven Carvell, professor of finance and director of the Center for Real Estate and Finance, discusses how hotels have become flexible amid the pandemic.

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Leadership lessons from 2020: Navigating the new normal

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty share lessons that leaders can gain from the experiences of 2020 and apply to 2021 and beyond.

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So You Want to Open a Hotel? Now?

Dean Kate Walsh tells the New York Times that independent hotels will need to double down in how they market their experience–especially safety. “Safety is paramount–it’s the essential part of bringing guests back,” she said.

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No vaccine, no service: How vaccinations may affect travel plans in the future

Professor David Sherwyn tells CNBC that hotels are unlikely to require guests to be vaccinated, but he believes some hotels could require inoculations as a type of “boutique sales pitch” that may appeal to certain segments of the market.