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To survive the pandemic, restaurants are offering subscriptions for bottomless coffee and beer. Will the model last?

Professor Alex Susskind and Lecturer Lily Jan discuss the reality of restaurants returning to ensure a steady stream of revenue.

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The Nasdaq is skyrocketing. That may not be a great sign for the economy

Associate Professor Scott Yonker discusses investors sticking with the pandemic winners as uncertainty looms.

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Rooting from home as a model for working from home?

Assistant Professor Kevin Kniffin says it’s timely to revisit how employers and employees alike can best adapt to the times.

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Travel is no longer a privilege, but a right

Professor Chekitan Dev suggests viewing the COVID crisis as an opportunity will help travel and hospitality learn new ways to survive and thrive.

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How two restaurants have survived Covid-19. So far.

Professor Alex Susskind says fine-dining establishments have had to rethink their entire business during the pandemic.

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Grocery stores are preparing for a second wave of panic buying — you should, too

Professor Edward McLaughlin says that stores are better prepared for a second wave of consumer hoarding as preparations for a harsh winter begin.

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The ugly truth about tipping waitstaff during COVID-19

Professor Michael Lynn discusses the trends he’s seeing in the data around tipping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How are hotels surviving during COVID? Extreme makeovers, innovative business promotions keeps industry afloat

SHA Dean Kate Walsh discusses how hotels are starting to think outside of the box as they review their operations due to the pandemic.

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Chinese economy expands 4.9% in third quarter

Professor Eswar Prasad says that China’s short-term growth is secure, but challenges will need to be dealt with for its longer-term health.