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Council Post: Four travel and hospitality trends emerging from the pandemic

SHA Dean Kate Walsh says that health safety and cleanliness will be the biggest differentiators in the near future of the hospitality industry.

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Are cruises to nowhere the way to resume sailing?

SHA professor Robert Kwortnik, a cruise expert, says that trips to no where could be a solution for the industry hit hard by COVID-19.

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Will it work to fine people who refuse to wear a mask?

Professor David Just, a behavioral economist, discusses the risks of repercussions on maskless individuals in public.

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Indoor dining returns to New York, but is it too late for some places?

Professor Alex Susskind discusses just how important the restaurant industry is for New York City as a whole.

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Economics professor breaks down COVID-19 recession

While economic growth is sloping downwards, Associate Professor Steven Kyle says the current state of the economy is not a textbook recession.

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How forcing colleges to go online could change higher education for the better

Professor Emeritus Bob Frank explains just how this is a possibility.

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How travel will change post-pandemic: 10 expert predictions

Hotels will become airy places with artificial intelligence behind the scenes, says Senior Lecturer Stephani Robson.

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U.S. ports busier than ever as East-West shipping rebounds

Professor Eswar Prasad says that when people can’t spend money on experiences and other services, they look towards this.

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Daniel Hooker finds a teachable moment in COVID-19

Hooker, a veteran food industry executive, will teach a new course this fall covering global supply-chain issues surfaced by the COVID-19 pandemic.