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Uptick in COVID-19 cases makes it difficult to bring back jobs. ‘Some people may be put out of the job market for a long time.’

Professor Murillo Campello says that the employment disruption created by COVID-19 has necessitated everyone to take a hard look at their skills.

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Why STB’s S$45m domestic tourism campaign makes sense

With COVID-19 impacting international tourism particularly hard, Professor Emeritus Sheryl Kimes discusses domestic tourism investment in Singapore.

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Restaurant customers are generally accepting of delivery fees…

… as long as those charges are seen as fair, according to a new study by Professor Sheryl Kimes.

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Growth depends on social norms, political culture; not just economic policies: ex-world bank economist

Professor Kaushik Basu says the breakdown of social cohesion is beginning to hurt India.

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Hotels are promoting the nostalgia of the family road trip

Professor Chekitan Dev says new marketing is invoking the familiar tropes of the family car ride to a beach, the mountains, or a national park.

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If government’s first duty is to protect us, how can masks in public be optional?

Senior Lecturer Dana Radcliffe discusses an important ethical question around the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Rundown: Highlights from the week of July 20

Expert perspectives from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty on COVID-19’s impact on business, hospitality, and the economy.

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The U.S.-China trade deal risks falling victim to spiraling ties

Professor Eswar Prasad discusses deteriorating US-China relations, declining since the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the globe.

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COVID exacerbates malnutrition in India, study finds

Professor Prabhu Pingali finds India’s strict COVID-lockdown has led to increased produce prices, limiting the affordability of a diverse diet.