Crypto & Digital Currency

See what our faculty experts have to say about crypto, digital currency, and other fintech innovations.

A tabletop covered with lots of different Chinese Renminbi bills.
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The Lackluster Past and Promising Future of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency

China’s slow adoption of its central bank digital currency, e-CNY, suggests existing electronic payments systems can be a deterrent.

laptop computer screen graph showing daily fluctuations in Bitcoin value.
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The Emerging Market of Cryptocurrencies and Perpetual Contracts

Cryptocurrencies have attracted much attention from the public. In the cryptocurrency space, perpetual contracts play a crucial role.

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Assessing Risks and Realignments in Emerging Markets

The 2023 Emerging Markets Institute conference was held on the Cornell Tech campus in NYC, Nov. 3, hosting nearly 500 attendees in person and online.

John Wu standing next to a Dyson School banner.
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John Wu’s Journey from Tech Investor to Blockchain Entrepreneur and Web3 Champion

Blockchain entrepreneur John Wu ’92 built his career through Cornell connections and gives back as an advisor, speaker, and benefactor.

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Panel Debates Digital Currencies’ Purpose, Privacy, Governance, and Stability

In a panel led by Fintech at Cornell executive director Susan Joseph, Cornell cryptocurrency experts debated the pros and cons of digital currencies.

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Nigeria’s eNaira CBDC: What Went Wrong?

Pratham Rawat ’23 discusses reasons for the low usage rates of Nigeria’s  eNaira a year after the release of the country’s CBDC initiative.

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Reinventing global value chains in uncertain times

Emerging markets benefit from greater engagement in global value chains but fear a loss of momentum in today’s complex and uncertain world.

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Does the Digital Yuan Mark the End of Commercial Banks, Established Players?

Four Johnson Cornell Tech MBA students examine the launch of China’s new digital currency, the e-yuan, and its implications.

Image of a round, metal Bitcoin draped in the flag of El Salvador.
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Cryptocurrency in Latin America: Adoption, Regulation, and Financial Inclusion

Raghav Nath, MBA ’22, examines cryptocurrency and its adoption, promise, and regulation in the Latin American countries.