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Gage Javier stands on stage in a red business suit with her arm raised, and audience members in the foreground also raise their hands.
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Businesses Should Consider Legal Risks of Artificial Intelligence, Alumna Says

Businesses are quickly adopting AI, but most are not prioritizing conversations about the technology’s legal concerns.

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Park Perspective: A broader definition of leadership

Ami Parekh, MBA ’25, encourages students to recognize leadership opportunities beyond formal roles.

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Regulation Comes to AI

AI regulations are emerging globally with the EU leading the way. Are businesses prepared for this new regulatory landscape?

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The Lackluster Past and Promising Future of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency

China’s slow adoption of its central bank digital currency, e-CNY, suggests existing electronic payments systems can be a deterrent.

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Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Make Management Decisions

AI chatbots can help with customer service, financial transactions, and more. Soon business leaders will use AI to make management decisions.

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Unified Payments Interface: India’s Digital Highway to Speedy Financial Inclusion

Sharwari Pandit, MBA ’23, explores the policy decisions that drove the rapid growth and adoption of digital payment solutions across millions of Indian businesses and households.

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Panel Debates Digital Currencies’ Purpose, Privacy, Governance, and Stability

In a panel led by Fintech at Cornell executive director Susan Joseph, Cornell cryptocurrency experts debated the pros and cons of digital currencies.

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Nigeria’s eNaira CBDC: What Went Wrong?

Pratham Rawat ’23 discusses reasons for the low usage rates of Nigeria’s  eNaira a year after the release of the country’s CBDC initiative.

Students on the Israel trek pose for a photo with a view of Jerusalem in the background.
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Israel Trek 2023: Startup Nation

EMI Fellow Jonathan Li, MBA ’23, discusses his experience on the Johnson MBA trek to Israel to learn about the country’s thriving startup ecosystem.