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John Tobin-de la Puente is bridging the gap between private investment and conservation

John Tobin-de la Puente, professor of practice, is on a mission to bring about positive environmental change through the power of private investment.

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Research Recap: Can groundwater conservation policies have unintended consequences?

C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell and Cornell students examine possible perverse consequences of incentive-based programs for agricultural groundwater conservation.

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Beyond #MeToo: Re-examining sexual harassment in the workplace

Dean Wooten and co-author Erika James re-examine their original findings amidst a sea of recent sexual assault allegations.

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The cost of water

Dyson professor Cathy Kling writes and records an audio essay on the costs of water pollution, as featured on a recent episode of Cornell’s Arts & Sciences podcast.

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How federal disaster money favors the rich

Dyson professor Catherine Kling offers insights into the benefit-cost analysis the Army Corps of Engineers does to decide which properties are worth saving after a natural disaster.

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For STAARS fellows and mentors, their Business is a Better World

Through STAARS, talented, young African economists continue their education with policy-oriented research on the structural transformation of rural Africa.

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Contributor and co-editor Chris Barrett addresses resilience in the face of chronic poverty in new book

A new book, The Economics of Poverty Traps, co-edited by Chris Barrett, highlights research on the mechanisms that keep people entrenched in poverty.

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A new approach to thinking: Performance-based pay in the nonprofit sector

Research by Dr. Sarah Wolfolds, Assistant Professor at the Dyson School, reveals how firms can use performance-based pay to their advantage in the non-profit sector.

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Research Recap: Does investment in public transit decrease traffic congestion?

Research co-authored by Dyson School Associate Professor Cynthia Lin Lawell explores how investment in public transit affects traffic congestion.