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Part of a renowned research institution, SC Johnson College is home to innovators and experts who produce and share original knowledge. Here are some of those stories.

Photo of person with mouse cursor
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How Do Consumers Make Online Shopping Choices? The Mouse May Hold The Answer.

SC Johnson College faculty used a novel mouse cursor-tracking method to reveal an intriguing interplay of cognitive processes that influence consumer decisions about brands and products.

Photo of four canoes on a sandy landing at water access point in Senegal, with tall plants nearly blocking the waterway.
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New Public Health Innovation Can Also Break a Poverty Trap

Removing invasive plants at water collection points in Senegal lowers disease rates, and composting those plants can raise agricultural productivity.

a field of a green-leaved crop.
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Evidence-Based Crop Management for Organic Dry Bean Farming

Dyson Professor Miguel Gomez is a contributing researcher to this study focused on the sustainability and profitability of the organic dry bean industry.

Professor Chris Barrett speaking at a podium.
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Cornell to co-lead UN agency’s new agrifood initiative

Ideas that sprang from a pre-pandemic discussion at Cornell now inform a UN initiative aimed to meet looming global food needs in a healthy, equitable and sustainable way.

the word "boycott" in all caps on a yellow background.
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Social media boycott of Goya did not harm sales

Research by Jūra Liaukonytė and colleagues sought to understand the sales effect of social media posts targeting specific brands.

Prabhu Pingali
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Prabhu Pingali named AAAS fellow

Pingali, professor of applied economics and policy, was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on Jan. 26.

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Use business research and expertise to start the year off right

Expert tips from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty to help you enter 2022 with your best foot forward

The gears of a watch
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Structured management protocols help firms thrive

Companies with highly structured management practices attract, keep top workers, and those with structured operations attract top-flight managers.

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The future of money

Professor Eswar Prasad examines the implications of the rise of digital currencies in newest book.