The yin and yang of social activism

Social activists boost social entrepreneurs’ success but provoke “green hush” among established companies, according to research by Professor Wesley Sine.

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Christopher Marquis’s co-authored paper recognized for “responsible research”

Christopher Marquis was recognized as a finalist for the 2019 Responsible Research in Management award for his paper published in Organization Science.

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Destinations at Risk: The Invisible Burden of Tourism

Mark Milstein and the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise co-authored a report describing how destinations must uncover and account for tourism’s hidden costs.

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Helping family businesses thrive: SFBI turns five years old

A Cornell-wide program, the Smith Family Business Initiative was founded in 2014 with a $10 million donation from John Smith, MBA ’74, and his wife, Dyan.

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Your new most annoying overachieving coworker is a robot

Johnson economics professor Ori Heffetz co-authors a report examining the effect working alongside robots has on human self-esteem and labor output.

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Fintech: What’s real, and what’s hype

Johnson professor Andrew Karolyi and Wharton professor Itay Goldstein discuss a new research initiative that aims to clarify where the actual promise lies regarding fintech.

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2018 Emerging Market Multinationals Report: Emerging Markets Reshaping Globalization

Emerging Markets Institute contributor Eudes Lopes summarizes the 2018 report, which reflects on the growing governance role of the E20.

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Getting to green: What makes companies more likely to adopt environmentally friendly practices?

Glen Dowell, associate professor of management and organizations, focuses his research on corporate sustainability, with a particular interest in firms’ environmental performance.

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Research Recap: Wage transparency reduces gender pay gap by 7%

A new working paper from Margarita Tsoutsoura and co-authors shows that pay transparency has a positive impact on closing the wage gap.