Research With Impact

Part of a renowned research institution, SC Johnson College is home to innovators and experts who produce and share original knowledge. Here are some of those stories.

upper body portrait of Vishal Gaur.
Johnson BusinessFeed

Meet Vishal Gaur, the Johnson School’s New Dean

Dean Gaur believes in continually innovating business education and exploring the role of AI and analytics in transforming the MBA experience.

hands holding a smart phone with a ratings app on screen and tagged 4-star and 5-star rating messages floating above it with a coffee latte on a table below.
Nolan BusinessFeed

Rating Platforms Drive Sales at Tourist-Area NYC Eateries

Ratings impact high-priced New York City restaurants that service tourists, but have less of an effect on restaurants frequented by “locals.”

Photo of person with mouse cursor
Dyson BusinessFeed

How Do Consumers Make Online Shopping Choices? The Mouse May Hold The Answer.

SC Johnson College faculty used a novel mouse cursor-tracking method to reveal an intriguing interplay of cognitive processes that influence consumer decisions about brands and products.

A group of 18 students poses on the stairs at the Breazzano Center.
SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

New Green Technology Innovation Fellowship Accepts First Cohort

Nineteen Cornell MBA students, PhD candidates, and postdoctoral fellows have joined the inaugural cohort of Green Technology Innovation Fellows.

What's Your Story?
Johnson BusinessFeed

To stand out on LinkedIn, focus on journey, not achievements

In new research, Ovul Sezer, assistant professor at the Nolan Hotel School, and her co-authors, wanted to understand how people can introduce themselves on the networking platform LinkedIn with a high level of effectiveness and success.

Photo of four canoes on a sandy landing at water access point in Senegal, with tall plants nearly blocking the waterway.
Dyson BusinessFeed

New Public Health Innovation Can Also Break a Poverty Trap

Removing invasive plants at water collection points in Senegal lowers disease rates, and composting those plants can raise agricultural productivity.

Hand reaching for brownie dessert
Johnson BusinessFeed

Research: To Resist Temptation, Think Short-Term

Research shows that short-term costs of unhealthy eating is more effective at helping people avoid indulging than highlighting long-term costs.

A newspaper with the headline Job Market, with glasses and a pen on top.
Johnson BusinessFeed

Big Firms Don’t Always Exercise Their Labor Market Power to Suppress Wages

To wield labor market power, large companies must centralize their hiring. But many decentralize instead, giving up their power. New research suggests why.

Audience sitting in bleachers and clapping.
Johnson BusinessFeed

Viewers Favor Spontaneity in Entertainment and Sports – Except When They Don’t

Unplanned action lends authenticity to the performer, but only when their competence is high and the stakes are low.