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Cornell research uncovers keys to successful and lasting diversity training

Co-authored research by Jamie Perry found the most effective types of diversity training and programs use many different instructional methods.

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Long-distance collaboration: Some keys to more productive teams

Recent Cornell research suggests that smaller groups accomplish more because fewer connections allow members to interact more frequently and intimately.

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Free for guests, but not for hotels: How to pick the right amenities for your property

A new study shows that companies must take a close look at the return on investment from each “free” product or service before deciding to offer it.

Hotel shopping: Beauty is in the eye of the mouse-holder
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Here’s what online hotel shoppers are looking for…and at

Stephani Robson’s research shows company-generated information can influence booking decisions as much as user-generated content, like reviews.

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New research reveals three customer service tips for using tabletop technology

What do restaurant patrons think of tabletop technology? According to one new study, customers are also embracing these technological changes.

Trade Secrets
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Study: Most short-term trades lose money

Pamela Moulton’s new study shows institutional stock traders will likely get better returns by taking a more long-term approach.