Noteworthy: Deborah Streeter discusses women in leadership

By: Katelyn Godoy
Noteworthy: Deborah Streeter discusses women in leadership

Deborah Streeter, the Bruce F. Failing, Sr. Professor of Personal Enterprise and Small Business Management at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, has authored and developed a number of eCornell Women in Leadership courses, which focus on topics such as gender bias, negotiation, and work-life balance and flow.

In a recent interview on GE’s Brilliance: Leadership and Learning podcast, Streeter discusses issues women face in business and entrepreneurship, specifically those related to gender biases.

Four key takeaways from Deborah Streeter’s interview

  • There are two types of gender bias: conscious, which is an outright bias and unconscious, which is more hidden bias and difficult to identity.
  • Both men and women have unconscious biases, which are created and influenced by gender stereotypes derived from society, culture, and socialization.
  • It is important for both men and women to be educated on, and aware of, societal norms and stereotypes, and how both conscious and unconscious biases can affect the workplace.
  • Good leaders know to “take care and take charge,” but often women in leadership positions who try to take charge are met with resistance and pushback (that their male counterparts are not), which is one example of how gender biases can impact women in the workforce.

Listen to the full interview below, courtesy of GE’s Brilliance: Leadership and Learning podcast on SoundCloud.