Hotel School students and faculty recognized for 2017–2018 accomplishments

By: Katelyn Godoy
Photo of Dean Walsh and Kayti Stanley
Hotel School Dean Kate Walsh and Kayti Stanley ’18 at the Cornell Hotel Society Awards Luncheon

Faculty, staff, and students gathered in early May to celebrate the end of a dynamic and productive academic year at the Hotel School. This year’s ceremony was a showcase of the values and spirit that make the Hotel School such a special place. Award categories ranged from teaching excellence and scholastic achievement to entrepreneurship, hospitality, and outstanding leadership.

Student Awards

Photo of cheering students
Photo of students toasting with their ice cream
Photo of people at an ice cream bar
Hotelies cheer for each other and celebrate with an ice cream social

2016–2017 ACEF Writing Awards

Awards originally announced in fall 2017.

Fangru Jiang ’19

“Deutsche Bank: 2016 Money Laundering Scandal”
Class: HADM 1650, Business Writing for Hospitality Professionals
Nominated by: Maria Wolfe, senior lecturer, management communication

Linna Li ’18

“Lobbying Congress to Renegotiate NAFTA”
Class: HADM 3650, Persuasive Business Communication for Hospitality Leaders
Nominated by: Peggy Odom-Reed, lecturer, management communication

Photo of Linna Li and Andrew
Linna Li ’18 and Andrew Quagliata, faculty

Rachelle Ng ’18

“Going Beyond the Gender Pay Gap: Addressing Gender Inequality in Amazon”
Class: HADM 3650, Persuasive Business Communication for Hospitality Leaders
Nominated by: Andrew Quagliata, lecturer, management communication

Vanessa Chu ’18

“Implementing ‘Pay What You Can’ Pricing Scheme in Restaurants”
Class: HADM 3650, Persuasive Business Communication for Hospitality Leaders
Nominated by: Peggy Odom-Reed, lecturer, management communication

Stephen S. J. Hall Ethics Case Competition

Awards originally presented in fall 2017.

1st place: Rethinking Pricing

Margaux Verbeeck, MMH ’18; Richelle King, MMH ’18; Parth Vedawalla, MBA ’19; and Matthew Ford, MBA ’19

2nd place: Fingerhut

Vishwas Badami, MMH ’18 and Nathan Ladovsky, MMH ’18

3rd place: Fingerhut Ethics Case

Arun Yagnamurthy ’19, Jason Zhang ’19, Madison Austrich ’19, Michael Baldyga ’19

The 5th annual Stephen S. J. Hall Ethics Case Competition, hosted by the School of Hotel Administration and coordinated by senior lecturer Susan Fleming, took place in fall 2017. Sixteen teams were presented with a controversial case concerning business ethics.

Degree Marshals

Alexa Perrucci ’18

Christie Choy ’18

Banner Bearers

Michael Lee ’18

Shaun Guanghui Yan ’18

College Symbol Bearer

Julie Mercado ’18

Photo of Julie, Michael, Christie, and Alexa standing with certificates
From left to right: Julie Mercado ’18, Michael Lee ’18, Christie Choy ’18, and Alexa Perrucci ’18

Merrill Presidential Scholars

Christie Choy ’18 and Alexa Perrucci ’18

Cornell recognizes 35 graduating seniors as Merrill Presidential Scholars who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement, strong leadership, and the potential for contributing to society.

Photo of Andrew, Alexa, and Christie in front of a red backdrop
Andrew Quagliata with Alexa Perrucci ’18 and Christie Choy ’18, the Hotel School’s Merrill Presidential Scholars

Banfi Vintners Foundation Scholastic Tour Award

Jenna Greco ’18

The Banfi Vintners Foundation Scholastic Tour Award consists of a guided educational trip through the major wine regions of Italy and ends at the Tuscan wine estate, Castello Banfi, where students participate in classes on with, food, and culture.

Photo of Andrew and Jenna holding a plaque
Andrew Quagliata and Jenna Greco ’18

Bordeaux Education Prize

Matt Guarani ’18

The Bordeaux Education Prize is presented to a student with production experience in foodservice operations and an interest in full-menu, table service restaurant operations. The award includes a two-week arranged travel experience of the Bordeaux wine regions.

Leading Hotels of the World Experiential Award

Magnus Giaever ’18

The Leading Hotels of the World Experiential Award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated exceptional interest in independent hotels and is committed to practicing in this field. The award consists of a 30-day travel experience at LHW hotels around the globe.

Photo of Rick and Magnus holding a oversized key and a certificate
Rick Adie ’75, general manager of the Statler Hotel, and Magnus Giaever ’18

Hospitality Business Plan Competition hosted by the Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship

1st place ($25,000): YNot Bike

Will Murphy ’18 (ENG), Stephanie Forester ’19, Davis Bruch ’20, and Sam Barnum ’19 (ILR)

Photo of Neil and students holding plaques
Neil Tarallo, director of the Leland C. and Mary M. Pillsbury Institute of Hospitality Entrepreneurship, and representatives from YNot Bike

2nd place ($7,500): Fitz

Frank Baptista, MMH ’18; Samantha MMH ’18; Sage Patel, MMH ’18; Margaux Verbeeck, MMH ’18; and Richelle King, MMH ’18

Photo of Neil and Frank shaking hands
Neil Tarallo and Frank Baptista ’18

3rd place ($5,000): Rewardzzz

Hunter Friedland ’19, Lorenzo Masias ’20, and Spencer Goldsmith ’20 (A&S)

Photo of Neil and Hunter holding a plaque
Neil Tarallo and Hunter Friedland ’19

Cornell Hotel Society Hotelie for Life Senior Award and Finalists

Winner: Kayti Stanley ’18

Finalists: Christie Choy ’18, Alex Levy ’18, and Elena Mandry ’18

The Cornell Hotel Society Hotelie for Life Senior Awards are sponsored by the Cornell Hotel Society and the Cornell Hotel Society Foundation. The awards recognize seniors who embody the high ideals of hospitality, scholarship, leadership, and service. The senior award winner receives $10,000 and the privilege of addressing the graduating class at the SHA diploma ceremony on Commencement day. Each finalist receives a $1,000 award.

Photo of Kayti Stanley and Dean Walsh
Photo of Kayti Stanley holding a glass for a toast
Photo of Dean Walsh and Elena Mandry
Photo of Alex Levy talking to Dean Walsh
Photo of Dean Walsh and Christie Choy

Cornell Hotel Society Foundation Treadwell International Experience Prize

Caroline Shone ’18 and Hannah Yang ’18

For the last 10 years, Jay ’61 and Peggy Treadwell have provided financial assistance to Hotel School students interested in studying abroad. The new CHS Foundation Treadwell International Experience Prize, available to undergraduate or MMH recipients immediately following graduation, is another way the Treadwell’s are displaying their generosity and commitment to Hotel School students. The Treadwell Prize is meant to bring attention to the importance of international experience as a key element in the full professional and personal development of a person who has earned a degree in hospitality. Up to $25,000 will be awarded for a three-month to one-year international language and cultural immersion.

Photo of Phil with Caroline and Hannah holding certificates
Phil Miller ’83 with Caroline Shone ’18 and Hannah Yang ’18

Hotel School Club Leadership Award

Rani Bernstein ’19

This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to a Hotel School club during the course of his or her time at the school. The awardee excels in positive leadership and team building skills, hospitality and service in recruiting guest speakers, and the ability to organize activities with positive outcomes.

Photo of Rabinder and Rani holding a certificate
Ravinder Kingra, lecturer, and Rani Bernstein ’19

Cornell Hotel Society — Collegiate Chapter Senior Spirit Award

Lee Lipschutz ’18

The Senior Spirit award recognizes a senior who embodies what it means to be a Hotelie. This senior has demonstrated academic success and has fostered a large network of meaningful connections with students and faculty. This senior is respected by his or her peers, is seen as a role model by underclassman, and will graduate having left a lasting positive impact on the Hotel School community.

Photo of Michael and Lee holding a certificate
Michael Baldyga ’19, president of the Cornell Hotel Society Collegiate Chapter, with Lee Lipschutz ’18

Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC) 93 Unsung Hero Award

Tim Qi Arch ’21

Caitlyn Cypher ’21

Patty Dennison ’18

Lucia Liu ’21

Jacob Protono ’21

Stephanie Sek ’19

Victor Tung ’21

Carol Wang ’21

Bryan Weintraub ’21

Christine Yang ’20 (HE)

The Unsung Hero Award recognizes HEC volunteers who went above and beyond. These volunteers consistently offered to help, even when their designated volunteer shift was over. Without the dedication of these individuals, HEC 93 would not have been nearly as successful as it was.

Photo of Jaimie with students holding certificates
Photo of Jaimie Kim ’18 (far left), HEC managing director, with HEC Unsung Hero award recipients

Faculty Awards

Teaching Awards

Mary MacAusland, senior lecturer — freshman core

Fang Liu, assistant professor — sophomore core

Amy Newman, senior lecturer — junior/senior core

Daniel Lebret, senior lecturer — undergraduate elective

Helen Chun, associate professor — graduate elective

Stephani Robson, senior lecturer — graduate core

The Ye Hosts Honorary Society recognizes outstanding members of the faculty for their teaching excellence and for their impact on students’ growth and development. Winners were selected based on the results from a recent student survey.

Photo of faculty holding certificates
From left: Stephani Robson, Helen Chun, Daniel Lebret, Amy Newman, Fang Liu, and Mary MacAusland

CHR Industry Relevance Award

“Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Best Practices, Guest Participation, and Customer Satisfaction”

  • Rohit Verma, professor, dean of external relations (SC Johnson College of Business), and executive director of the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures
  • Howard Chong, assistant professor, services marketing
  • Alexandra Bruns-Smith ’17
  • Vanessa Choy, MMH ’12

This award recognizes faculty who have researched an important topic and created a Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) report or tool that has had significant impact on the hospitality industry. The recipient of this award was selected from research published by the CHR in 2017. The winner was determined by the votes of the CHR Advisory Board members.