Amanda Jang, MBA ’24, gained perspective on effective and authentic leadership

By: Staff
Photo of Sage Hall, with red and yellow tulips in the foreground.

Amanda Jang, MBA ’24

Major/program: 2-Year MBA

Headshot of Amanda Jang.

What will you always remember about your time at Cornell? 

Aside from all the amazing events that happened throughout the years, I will always remember the yearly ski trips and international treks, particularly the Killington and Tremblant ski trips and trek to Tanzania. I met some of my closest friends on these trips and getting to travel with everyone helped us create some unforgettable memories. I would recommend traveling with your peers during your time at Cornell because it’s an incredible opportunity to form tighter bonds with your peers and develop a greater sense of community.

Doing the greatest good is a big part of being a Cornellian. How will you carry this into your career and life after Cornell?

The support system and community at Cornell has left a lasting impression on me, especially during the recruitment process. When I was recruiting for my summer internship in tech, I was amazed by the amount of support I received from second-year students and alumni through the High Tech Club and their support throughout the entire process, from connecting me to my target companies to conducting mock interviews and providing helpful feedback. Moving forward, I want to carry on this “giving back culture” to future Cornellians and further expand this strong community outside of Ithaca.

What is the most valuable thing you learned in your time at Cornell? How will you use this lesson or knowledge in the future?

My biggest takeaway during my time at Cornell is the importance of having strong interpersonal skills for both professional and social situations. Given the diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences everyone comes from, it’s incredibly important to know how to properly navigate various situations from working on cross-functional teams or connecting with new people. This skill will definitely be a pivotal part of my future career – knowing how to carry yourself and communicate your ideas effectively will help drive innovative solutions and foster deeper relationships.

What are you most looking forward to after graduation?

Even though the past two years went by in the blink of an eye, I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned here to my future teams with a greater sense of confidence. The various skills and experiences I’ve gained at Cornell have widened my perspective on what it means to be an effective and authentic leader and have helped me be more excited for what the future entails. I will continue to be true to myself and establish a support system that encourages innovation and helps make change happen.