Josh Figueroa ’24 Reflect On His Dyson School Experience

By: Staff
Tulips in front of a stone wall with a Cornell University sign.

Josh Figueroa ’24

Major/Program: Applied Economics & Management: Finance

Headshot of Josh Figueroa.

What will you always remember about your time at Cornell?

I will always remember the friendships and relationships that I developed while being at Cornell. The students who attend Cornell University, the professors, academic advisors, and broader faculty contribute to the fantastic experience that we, students, ultimately have. Cornell attracts incredibly intelligent, driven, and kind individuals who allow students to learn from one another and broaden their academic, professional, and personal horizons.

Doing the greatest good is a big part of being a Cornellian. How will you carry this into your career and life after Cornell?

As I transition to my career and life after Cornell, I will always exercise the act of service and keep in mind its relevance and positive impact on many people. The service of others, whether it was a professor extending their office hours or an upperclassman sharing their wisdom with me, has positively shaped my time at Cornell, and this is something that I will always be grateful for. I plan to provide service to others, whether sharing my wisdom and experiences with undergraduate students, engaging in alum programming events, or participating in any philanthropic efforts.

What is the most valuable thing you learned in your time at Cornell?

The most valuable thing I learned at Cornell was to be curious. I found immense value in learning more about my professors’ and peers’ backgrounds outside of an academic setting. My Dyson experience has been tremendous because of the curriculum, faculty investment in the student’s development and learning, and endless professional resources. Our students can pursue and learn about their desired career paths, whether it’s in financial services, consulting, or any other pocket in the business world. Our dedicated professors and student and career services offices make this possible. Faculty such as Professor Jawad Addoum, Professor Eric Lewis, and Andrea Poag are prime examples of committed individuals who constantly invest in the student experience and ensure that we’re in the best possible position for life after Dyson.

How will you use this lesson or knowledge in the future?

I plan to use this knowledge in the future by constantly practicing second-level thinking and investigating the deep, fundamental understanding of the different projects that I will work on post-graduation. Additionally, when meeting new people during my career and other ventures, I plan to be curious about their upbringing, experiences, and knowledge that they will share with me. Curiosity will always lead down new paths.

What are you most looking forward to after graduation?

What I look forward to most after graduation is the potential to make a fraction of the massive positive impact Cornell has made in my life, whether through engagement in two non-profit organizations that I hold close to my heart, Student Sponsor Partners and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity.