Welcoming the Class of 2019 One-Year MBA candidates

By: Katelyn Godoy
Photo of a banner that says Johnson MBA Class of 2019 building our community from day one

Johnson recently welcomed 69 One-Year MBA candidates to our campus in Ithaca. MBA students—together with their peers from the incoming Johnson Cornell Tech MBA program—have been getting to know one another, working in core teams, and tackling classroom and leadership challenges.

During May’s pre-term activities, MBAs heard from and worked with Mark Nelson, the Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean, and other program faculty and administrators. The One-Year Class of 2019 represents 15 countries and is its composition includes 46 percent women, 18 percent underrepresented minorities, and an average GMAT score of 690.

One-Year MBA Class of 2019 profile

Infographic: One-Year MBA Class of 2019 profile; map icon; 69 students enrolled in the One-Year MBA program in Ithaca, NY; pencil icon; 690 average GMAT score; lightbulb icon; 3.62 average undergrad GPA; laptop icon; 5.6 average years work experience; heart icon; 29 average age; female symbol icon; 46% women students; hand-raised icon; 46% U.S. minorities (Asian American, Black/African American, Native American, and Hispanic American); 18% underrepresented minorities (Black/African American, Native American, Hispanic American); globe icon; 15 countries represented; passport icon; 59% international students; graduation cap icon; undergrad majors pie chart (22% engineering, 32% business, 13% sciences, 16% social science, 4% humanities, 13% other); gears icon; prior industries pie chart (13% finance, 13% healthcare, 14% technology, 24% consulting, 8% manufacturing, 1% non-profit, 27% others including real estate, transportation, energy, and more); Johnson logo
One-Year MBA Class of 2019 profile

One-Year MBAs complete their summer semester in core teams with students in the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA program, learn about their stories here. When the fall semester begins, Cornell Tech students will head to New York City to complete their studies. The summer months give MBAs from both programs a great opportunity to learn from each other and build their networks. Ithaca students can connect with their Cornell Tech MBA counterparts again if they choose to complete a NYC intensive course at Tech in the fall or spring.

Incoming MBAs spent pre-term learning about career planning and paths, the City of Ithaca, and resources within and around Cornell University. Then core teams dove into the Leading Teams Practicum with Laura Georgiana, executive director of leadership programs, and Alan Filipowicz, clinical professor of management and organizations.


Highlights from pre-term and summer semester in progress

@Judi_Byers on Twitter: Our newest #CornellMBA One Year students are off to a great start with a welcome and overview from Assoc Dean @vgaur01 and graduating students!

@Judi_Byers on Twitter: The best way to end the first day of pre-term is with a hike through #CascadillaGorge with #CornellMBA Dean Nelson! #ithacaisgorges

@tosh1908 on Instagram: Spending the morning with the Class of 2019 Accelerate and Cornell Tech MBAs as they work through leadership challenges with their core teams. @cornellmba @cornell_tech

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Card that reads: Be collaborative, push each other to become better versions of themselves, show empathy towards each other and the wider community, and provide helpful, critical feedback to each other
Large bulletin board that says "Building our community from day 1"
@Judi_Byers on Twitter: Our #CornellMBA One Year Class of 2019 students are starting the week by sharing their #hopes, #values, and #expectations with each other and the #community
Five students pose with their certificate
@cornellmba on Instagram: Congratulations to one-year MBAs Courtney Levering, Sridhar Ravichandran, Queen Hashi, Antonio Ricciardelli, and Siqi Shi, Tech, on winning the first case competition of the year! The Leading Teams Case Competition is MBAs first case competition. It puts teams to the test in a time-pressured setting and serves as the capstone for the Leading Teams core curriculum course during pre-term. The competition and class are designed to provide students with training and experience in #leading and contributing to high-performing teams, something that employers routinely cite as one of the most sought-after skills in MBA hires. #Leadership #CornellMBA #MBA

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