More than 500 first-years and transfers join Cornell business community

Three students stand with Touchdown

New students pose with Touchdown at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business welcome event

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business welcomed more than 330 first-year undergraduates and around 170 transfer students (from within Cornell and from other institutions) into its community this yearβ€”a total of about 500 new undergraduate business students! We’re excited to welcome these future leaders to the Dyson School and the School of Hotel Administration at the SC Johnson College, and we know they will surpass our expectations as they achieve their professional goals and have an impact in business around the world.

About the undergraduate Class of 2023

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new dyson students

in the Class of 2023

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Total SC Johnson College first-years

plus 179 transfer students for a total of 502

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NEW SHA Students

in the Class of 2023

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with 38 countries represented

New York State


from New York State

plus representation from 27 other states, DC, and Puerto Rico

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students in the incoming Class of 2023




Students of COlor

Orientation highlights

New first-year and transfer students participated in a suite of orientation activities including an official welcome from the deans of their schools, Pizza on the Plaza with student ambassadors, career management information sessions, academic advising, lunch and meetings with faculty, and an ice cream social.

Ice cream and introductions with Dyson students

Dyson students crowd-sourced more than 250 questions while enjoying 275 Cornell Dairy ice cream sandwiches. All of Dyson’s new students met their classmates and participated in some community-building activities.

College welcome event with Dean Hallock

Undergraduates attended a welcome event with remarks from Kevin Hallock, dean of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. Touchdown stopped by for a visit, as well as Dean Hallock’s new dog, Mabel.

Scroll through some of the highlights below.

Culinary Connection for SHA transfer students

SHA transfer students were divided into groups for a lemonade taste testing, led by Cheryl Stanley, lecturer in food and beverage management, and to watch a demonstration by Chef Robert White who used liquid nitrogen to make instant ice cream.

Please join us in welcoming our newest Cornell SC Johnson College of Business undergraduates to the community. Best of luck this year!

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