New faculty introduction: Christina McDowell

McDowell is a senior lecturer in marketing and management communication at SHA

By: Stephen D'Angelo
Christina McDowell is a senior lecturer in marketing and management communication at SHA

With the academic year upon us, meet the newest faculty from across the SC Johnson College of Business and learn about their academic focus, teaching, and interests.

Christina McDowell | Senior Lecturer | SHA

Education/Previous academic role:

My Ph.D. is in Rhetoric, concentrating in communication ethics and interpersonal/organization communication. I was previously an Associate Dean for a College of Business & Public Policy and Associate Professor of Marketing and Business Communication.

Class(es) you’ll be teaching this year:

This year I will be teaching HADM 1650 Business Writing for Hospitality Professionals, and HADM 3650 Persuasive Business Communication for Hospitality Leaders.

What is your research/teaching focus?

My teaching focus is marketing and management communication. My research interests start with communicative engagement and emphasizes actively investigating social, civic, economic, and moral problems in the areas of corporate communication, integrated marketing communication (IMC), as well as communication ethics.

What attracted you to the SC Johnson College of Business,specifically SHA?

The SC Johnson College of Business and SHA work to cultivate innovation and creativity through the engagement of ideas and practical experience with an end goal of ensuring student success that impacts community at large.

Have you adapted your research or teaching focus in any way because of COVID-19?

Yes, I’ve reorganized classroom routines and implemented available resources to develop new instructional strategies, especially those related to communication and connections.

When did you know you wanted to be a professor?

I call this my epiphany moment. I was an undergraduate student, and given the opportunity to work as a volunteer teaching assistant. It was one of the most valuable experiences that I had up to that point in the professional realm, and left me wondering about my own future. How could something that required so much intellectual labor, creativity, and dedication be so much fun at the same time? And, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a professor.

What do you like best about teaching?

Seeing the light bulb go off for students! Watching their eyes light up as they understand a concept and how it applies directly to their lives. These moments are special and motivate me to keep teaching.

What do you do to recharge?

Spend time with my family exploring new places.