Learning From COVID-19: Studying The Impact Of The Pandemic

By: kdr57
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The COVID-19 pandemic has left a significant mark on the history of hospitality. Its global disruption continues to catalyze change and inspire innovations that will likely transform the industry forever.

Students at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration (SHA) are reimagining a future for the business of hospitality. Led by their professors, SHA students are immersed in discussions and projects that allow them to consider the ways in which businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. For some students, these experiences have also meant contributing to the development of new and better ways of doing business.

Learn more about the ways students and professors are studying and discussing COVID-19 and its impact below.

Course: Introduction to Foodservice Management

Aaron Adalja

Professor Aaron Adalja teaches HADM 1360: Introduction to Foodservice Management, a course that introduces the principles of foodservice operations with a focus on product and systems differentiation in a variety of industry segments.

Professor Adalja is an assistant professor of food and beverage management at SHA and an applied economics and policy faculty member in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. His areas of interest and expertise are focused on food and agricultural economics, quality disclosure and labeling, food safety, local food systems, industrial organization, and marketing.

Course: Nonprofit Social Enterprise and Food Justice

Heather Kolakowski

Heather Kolakowski ’00 teaches HADM 4315: Nonprofit Social Enterprise and Food Justice, a course that allows students to explore the economic, social, and political issues of combating poverty and hunger in the United States. This course provides an overview of nonprofit food service management through service-learning and is particularly focused on food systems, social ventures, and economic policies.

Kolakowski is a lecturer in food and beverage management at SHA as well as the faculty advisor for Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC). Her areas of focus and expertise are food industry management, management and operations in hospitality and services design, as well as service-learning and community engagement.

She also teaches HADM 3365: Foodservice Management Essentials and HADM 3055/6055: Hospitality, Health, and Design Industry Immersion Seminar.

Course: Human Resources Management

Tashlin Lakhani

Professor Tashlin Lakhani teaches HADM 2810: Human Resources Management, a course that cultivates students’ understanding of the policies, procedures, and systems that help attract, select, develop, and retain employees.

Professor Lakhani is an assistant professor at SHA. Her areas of focus and expertise include human resources in hospitality as well as human resources practices and organizational outcomes in franchise businesses.

Course: Service Operations Management

vincent slaugh

Professor Vince Slaugh teaches HADM 3010: Service Operations Management, a course that is dedicated to the study of how businesses work and how operations management can be used to help any hospitality company compete in the marketplace.

Professor Slaugh is an assistant professor at SHA. His research is focused on operations management where he studies analytical models that are designed to improve care-focused service operations, such as nursing homes, child welfare systems, and hotel housekeeping.

Meaghan Frank of Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery joined the class for their customer experience design projects. Students were asked to design customer flows for winetastings that took into account the operational and safety challenges of COVID-19.