United Nations’ PRME Board Names Cornell SC Johnson College Dean Vice Chair

Charles Field Knight Dean Andrew Karolyi began term June 13, 2023

By: Sarah Magnus-Sharpe
Cornell SC Johnson College Dean

Andrew Karolyi, Charles Field Knight Dean of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, has been named vice chair of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), a United Nations-supported initiative, and started his term on June 13, 2023.

Founded in 2007, PRME aims to create a global movement of thought leadership in responsible management education. PRME’s mission is to develop responsible decision-makers to advance sustainable development and in 2020 PRME reached more than 800 signatories across 90 countries.

“I am truly delighted to have Dean Andrew Karolyi accept the nomination as vice-chair of the PRME Board. It has been a pleasure to have Karolyi’s strong engagement with the PRME mission and his future contributions to PRME will be highly appreciated,” said Dr. Mette Morsing, head of PRME .

PRME engages business and schools to provide future leaders with skills to balance economic and sustainability goals drawing from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Global Compact. The 17 SDGs aim to address the most pressing economic, social, environmental and governance challenges worldwide.

The PRME initiative is governed by the PRME Board, which approves and oversees the organization’s strategy, governance, annual budget, and executive decisions by the PRME Secretariat and in consultation with the UN Global Compact.

As vice chair for a two-year term and working with chair Tima Bansal, Karolyi will represent committed stakeholders to advance PRME’s vision, mission, and guiding principles. The PRME Board has representation based on diversity in gender, geography and experience and has a maximum of 21 members. PRME Board members include deans, directors, chapter chairs, higher education associations, and international management and leadership development associations.

“Working in concert with PRME chair Bansal, we want to help transform how management schools and business partners work together to fulfill PRME’s mission and goals,” said Karolyi. “With the SC Johnson College a signatory member of PRME, we predict in the coming years that our college and schools will be more closely aligned to PRME’s vision and benefit from their principles, guidance, and support.”