Amanda Hartman ’22 (CHE)

Two large tents one either side of an open area with a fire pit and wooden chairs in the foreground.
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Glamping: The Present (and Future) of Alternative Lodging

How do you help more people experience the magic of camping? “Glamping,” or glamorous camping, is taking the alternative lodging industry by storm.

A man holds out a beer glass reading “save water drink beer”
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Bloods, Crips, and beer: The unlikely success story of TRU Colors Brewery

Brewed by active Bloods, Crips, and GDs, TRU Colors beer is helping promote peace and prosperity in a city once ravaged by gang violence.

photo of snow-covered mountains and a glacial lake and a hotel
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Sustainability without borders

The hospitality landscape is changing, and for Explora travelers seeking adventure outside of their hotel rooms, less is more.

Weathered hands planting green shoot
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Profit through purpose: Building long-term shareholder value

Former CEO of Unilever Paul Polman joined students via Zoom to discuss the changing business landscape of a post-COVID-19 world.

A hand partially painted green holds a small green plant
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Moving the needle: the increasing role of sustainability in business

GreenBiz Group’s Joel Makower spoke to students about the steps firms are taking to integrate sustainability into core business.

Brown bags filled with fresh fruits and vegetables
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Beyond the plate: The far-reaching consequences of our food system

Laté Lawson-Lartego of Oxfam America spoke with students about what Oxfam is doing to ensure our food system is equitable on a global scale.

A trash heap is piled high against a clear sky
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Trash is Cash: Unlocking the Secret of Recyclability

What do a cigarette, dirty diaper, and used flip flops have in common? They’re all recyclable, thanks to TerraCycle’s innovative approach .

An empty plastic water bottle rests on the bank of a body of water
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Biodegradability: The Future of Plastics

CEO Molly Morse spoke to students about Mango Materials’ capacity to transform plastics pollution by speeding up the biodegradability of polymers.

A wind turbine stands amid rolling hills.
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Renewables are the future: Sustainable infrastructure and technology are how we get there

Frank Nicklaus, MBA ’12 and partner at Greentech, discussed the future of renewable energy as part of SGE’s Leaders in Sustainable Global Enterprise series.