A Shared Message on the Pending Verdict for Derek Chauvin

By: kdr57
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The following is a message from SC Johnson College leadership on the pending verdict of Derek Chauvin. This message was sent to all students, faculty, and staff at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, School of Hotel Administration, and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management:

To our SC Johnson College community,

Our country is nearing a verdict for Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who is on trial for the murder of George Floyd. For many, this trial and the recent fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright have reawakened and amplified feelings of pain and trauma.

As we await this verdict, we want to acknowledge that these painful feelings and experiences are deeply felt by many members of our community.

For that reason, we call on each of you to remember that we all carry our own lived experiences and social identities. For some of us, these experiences and identities may be more deeply and personally impacted by acts of racism and bigotry. We want you to also be aware that each of us has our own differential access to power and privilege, meaning that for some of us, the structural inequities in our society play a larger and more negative role in our lives. We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your own experiences and reactions and be mindful of how those around you may be processing these events.

We remain committed to our efforts in deepening our community’s understanding of what drives racism and eradicating any instances of it in our community. As leaders of this community, we remain united in our commitment to fight racism and to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for everyone.

Each of us–all parts of us–contributes to this effort. We encourage you to check in and support those around you. To engage in dialogue with us and with each other. To keep an open ear to those who want to share their experiences with you.

Our Offices of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging will be offering future opportunities and resources for all members in our community:

Community Check-In and Processing Space (Drop-In) 

We will be holding a processing time for students, faculty, and staff, during which we will provide an open space to talk about the events surrounding the trial and the fight for racial equity that has been renewed over the last year.

You may drop in and leave as your schedule permits. Those in attendance will be asked to maintain respect for privacy, and make space for others, but also take space for yourself. 

While this community check-in and processing space will be available after the verdict is determined, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to connect with our diversity and inclusion officers anytime beforehand as well. Their information is listed further down this email.

More information on this event will be provided as we get closer to the verdict.

Judicial Aspects of Race Relations in the U.S. and Corporate Responsibility

We will host a roundtable discussion that examines key aspects of the Derek Chauvin trial. We will also discuss what the verdict means for the evolution of race in the law as well as the role of organizations as catalysts for policy change and social impact in general.

This round table will be led by Sherry Colb, C.S. Wong Professor of Law; Ravi Kanbur, T.H. Lee Professor of World Affairs, International Professor of Applied Economics and Management; Joe Margulies, Professor of Practice, Law and Government; and Aziz Rana, Richard and Lois Cole Professor of Law; moderated by Jamie Joshua, J.D., Director Diversity and Inclusion, Johnson.

This event is open to faculty, students, and staff. More information on this event will be provided after the verdict.

Additional Resources

Connect with Our Diversity and Inclusion Officers


Andrew Karolyi, Dean, SC Johnson College

Michelle Duguid, Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, SC Johnson College

Edward J. McLaughlin, Interim David J. Nolan Dean, Dyson School

Mark W. Nelson, Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean, Johnson School

Kate Walsh, Dean and E.M. Statler Professor, School of Hotel Administration