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Some Hotels Are Mandating Vaccines. Will Others Follow?

“At the current stage, I don’t think we will see broad vaccine requirements by hotels,” Professor Christopher Anderson tells The New York Times.

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Is This Food Really Healthy? New Packaging Labels Would Tell You

Professor David Just tells Scientific American that the Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2021 does address a real problem “and could perhaps have a positive influence.”

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Why Your Next Trip Might Be More Expensive Than Your Last

Professor Christopher Anderson tells The New York Times that there will likely continue to be soft demand for big cities that rely on business travel and international leisure travel.

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What the UN Climate Report Means for Food

“It becomes more and more efficient to have wind turbines and solar arrays and geothermal wells in what are today working farmlands,” Professor Chris Barrett tells Modern Farmer.

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As climate change disrupts supply chains, American life is poised to change drastically

“Disruptions are more likely to be on the supply side rather than on the demand side,” Professor Ariel Ortiz-Bobea tells Salon.

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Is Uber turning Postmates into a zombie app?

Uber bought Postmates late last year. Now that the businesses are merging, will Uber turn Postmates into a zombie app? Professor Alex Susskind weighs in on Marketplace.

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‘It’s a highly personal decision.’ Experts weigh in on cruises in 2021

“Some of the things that cruise companies have been put into place will create a better experience,” Professor Robert Kwortnik Jr. tells The Boston Globe.

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‘We can’t take another blow’: Some restaurants may not survive renewed mask mandates

Professor Alex Susskind tells The Washington Post that consumer demand might pull the industry through the next crisis, but levels of vaccine and mask-aversion will cause regional differences.

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How Humans Think When They Think As Part of a Group

“Coworkers who eat together tend to perform at a higher level than their peers, yet cafeterias are often undervalued by companies,” Professor Kevin Kniffin tells WIRED.