Technology Meets the Eye

Miku Jha’s company, AgShift, created the world’s first autonomous food inspection system using deep learning and machine vision technologies.

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Cornell Chronicle: Chris Barrett talks food aid to D.C. policymakers

“We sacrifice roughly 40,000 children’s lives annually because of antiquated food aid policies,” said Barrett before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Noteworthy: Ed McLaughlin’s food retail Q&A with

McLaughlin discusses the changing food retail landscape and what its future might look like—discount retailers, Wal-Mart, and the Amazon/Whole Foods merger.

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Noteworthy: The New Food Economy features Harry Kaiser’s co-authored research on food labeling

Food labeling affects what products consumers buy, for better or worse, according to research co-authored by Dyson School’s Harry Kaiser.

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Margin and mission: The economic impacts of farm to school

Is the farm to school movement economically feasible? Professor Todd Schmit previews an upcoming webinar that gives practitioners the resources to find out.

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Research Recap: Todd Schmit examines regional food systems and economic opportunity

Schmit, associate professor at Dyson, and others look at the local and regional food systems driving rural economic development across the nation.

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Cornell Chronicle: New food policies could take the bite out of India’s malnutrition

Prabhu Pingali, director of the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition, researches potential solutions to India’s malnutrition predicament.