A fresh approach to helping the planet: Elena Belavina takes on food waste

SHA associate professor Elena Belavina is finding strategies to help grocery suppliers, households, and restaurants reduce food waste.


Technology Meets the Eye

Miku Jha’s company, AgShift, created the world’s first autonomous food inspection system using deep learning and machine vision technologies.

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A child dies, a child lives: why Somalia drought is not another famine

Christopher Barrett, professor of applied economics and management in the Dyson School, contributes expert commentary on food aid policy and aid agencies’ shift from giving out food to cash.

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Overdue food aid reforms would save money and lives

In an op-ed featured by Axios, Dyson professor Chris Barrett argues that American food aid programs must be reformed, and fast.

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How much do apple names influence consumer purchases? features associate professor Bradley Rickard’s research on apple names presented at the New York Produce Show and Conference.

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Noteworthy: Chris Barrett discusses future of U.S. international food aid with ABC News

Potential changes in the upcoming 2018 Farm Bill have sparked a debate on how U.S. international food aid programs should provide assistance.

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Andrew Novakovic named to International Dairy Federation Committee

Andrew Novakovic has been elected by the General Assembly of the (IDF) as the sole academic member of its Science and Program Coordination Committee (SPCC).

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Cornell Chronicle: Chris Barrett talks food aid to D.C. policymakers

“We sacrifice roughly 40,000 children’s lives annually because of antiquated food aid policies,” said Barrett before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Noteworthy: Ed McLaughlin’s food retail Q&A with

McLaughlin discusses the changing food retail landscape and what its future might look like—discount retailers, Wal-Mart, and the Amazon/Whole Foods merger.