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Johnson BusinessFeed

Big Firms Don’t Always Exercise Their Labor Market Power to Suppress Wages

To wield labor market power, large companies must centralize their hiring. But many decentralize instead, giving up their power. New research suggests why.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

Viewers Favor Spontaneity in Entertainment and Sports – Except When They Don’t

Unplanned action lends authenticity to the performer, but only when their competence is high and the stakes are low.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

One-Click Checkout Increases Spending and Engagement

Research by Johnson’s Young-Hoon Park and Murat Unal, PhD ’22, shows that customers increased spending after signing up for “one-click” checkout.

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SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

Help Wanted: Advancing Women in Leadership

To support more equitable workplaces, Michelle Duguid investigates hiring practices intended to increase diversity.

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Nolan School BusinessFeed

Trust in online content moderation depends on moderator

Both the type of online content moderator and the “temperature” of the harassing content influenced people’s perception of the moderation decision, new research finds.

car hood with a parking ticket on it.
Johnson BusinessFeed

Parking ticket reminders work, but not for all

Parking-ticket recipients who would benefit most from gentle “nudges” to pay their fines respond least to them, research by Ori Heffetz finds.

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Dyson BusinessFeed

Evidence-Based Crop Management for Organic Dry Bean Farming

Dyson Professor Miguel Gomez is a contributing researcher to this study focused on the sustainability and profitability of the organic dry bean industry.

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SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

Cornell to co-lead UN agency’s new agrifood initiative

Ideas that sprang from a pre-pandemic discussion at Cornell now inform a UN initiative aimed to meet looming global food needs in a healthy, equitable and sustainable way.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

Maximize Achievement and Persistence by Aligning Rewards to Recognize Milestones

Individuals are more likely to persist if they receive their first reward after completing a chunk of a task followed by a stream of small incentives.