Technology Meets the Eye

Miku Jha’s company, AgShift, created the world’s first autonomous food inspection system using deep learning and machine vision technologies.

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Noteworthy: Loren Tauer on costs of decreasing antimicrobial use in dairy production

A recently published paper reveals the farm cost of implementing antibiotic-free dairy production and its potential financial and social impacts.

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When the death of a family farm leads to suicide

Low milk prices have devastated farmers financially and emotionally across New York state. Johnson professor Andrew Novaković offers expert insight into the agricultural economics of milk.

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SMART Program reflections: Herbal View in South Africa

The SMART program was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had at Cornell thus far. It was extremely rewarding to be able to use direct concepts from our Dyson classes and apply it to a real-world small business, especially in a developing economy.

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SMART Program reflections: Dirkosh Crunch in Ethiopia

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Cornell’s Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Team (SMART) as a consultant for Dirkosh Crunch, a small agri-business, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Poverty in Africa a challenge that ‘agricultural universities like Cornell need to tackle,’ says prof

Christopher Barrett, deputy dean and dean of academic affairs for the SC Johnson College of Business, gave a talk on poverty in Africa at the event “The Uneven Transformation of Rural Africa Myths, Facts and Pressing Needs.”

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Research Recap: How cooperatives may be able to bring broadband infrastructure to rural communities

Research by Dyson’s Todd Schmit and Roberta Severson surveys the economic landscape of broadband markets across rural northern New York.

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Research Recap: Funding research rather than mandating consumption might be a more effective method for renewable fuel policy

Research co-authored by the Dyson School’s Cynthia Lin Lawell examines the EPA’s renewable fuel standard (RFS) and recommends ways to improve renewable fuel policy and climate policy.

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SMART Program reflections: Mukumu Fresh Produce in Uganda

By the last night of the trip, there was a general sentiment of deep-seated appreciation for the opportunity to be exposed to the realities of agribusiness development in Uganda.