M&As are Up, IPOs are Down. What’s the Story?

As public equity markets lose players, private equity grows, and mergers and acquisitions reach historic levels, the economy struggles to adapt.

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Dyson hosts symposium in honor of late professor Gregory Poe

Students, faculty, and staff from across the university came together in April for a special symposium in celebration of the life and professional contributions of Gregory Poe.

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GRASSHOPR connects Dyson graduate students with K–12 classrooms

This year I’ve been one of the lucky graduate students to participate in GRASSHOPR, which provides a way for Cornell graduate students to share their knowledge with local grade schoolers.

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New rules on making cars in China could help Tesla – or give it even more to worry about

Shanjun Li, professor of economics and policy at the Dyson School, contextualizes technological advancements of Chinese domestic automakers and its relation to the recent announcement by the Chinese government.

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Steven Kyle breaks down Trump’s economic policies and their impact on taxpayers

Steven Kyle, associate professor at the Dyson School, speaks to CGTN America about President Donald Trump’s economic policies.

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Responding to Trump, China plans new tariffs on U.S. goods

Eswar Prasad, senior professor of trade policy at the Dyson School, forecasts the implications of China’s announcement that it planned to impose tariffs on American-produced goods.

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Houston, we solved a problem

Using his background in analytics, Dyson grad and baseball analytics guru Brandon Taubman ’07 played a role in the Houston Astros first-ever World Series win.

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China churns out half the world’s steel, and other steelmakers feel pinched

Eswar Prasad, professor of trade policy at the Dyson School, provides insight into the U.S. share of global production of steel, and why the industry is under threat from steelmakers in China and other competing countries.

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5 ways we should (all) manage our money like women

Dyson finance professor Vicki Bogan contributes expert insight into financial confidence and why lacking financial confidence often leads to better returns for women.