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Institutional and societal values challenge modernizing emerging markets

Sunny Chai ’24 reflects on EMI visiting speaker Johanna Mair’s concept of modernizing emerging economies’ market structures.

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WeChat and Tiktok bans and their implications for future U.S.-China relations

EMI Fellow David Wu dissects Trump’s bans on WeChat and TikTok, the Biden administration’s response, and the impact on US-China relations.

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Taper Tantrum Versus the Current Reflationary Scare

Gautam Jain analyzes the US 10-year yield and its effect on emerging market economies, comparing 2013’s Taper Tantrum to today’s reflationary scare.

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Emerging markets speaker Hausmann presents his Scrabble theory of economic development

Gaurav Trivedi, MBA ’19, reflects on guest speaker Ricardo Hausmann’s lecture about connections between technological advancement and income growth.

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Miles Ahead: China, Huawei, and 5G

A champion in 5G technology, the Chinese multinational firm Huawei stands out for its absolute advantages over the competition.

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Globalization—a growth perspective

Leaders in Emerging Markets speakers shed light on the advantages and challenges of investing in and expanding their companies to emerging markets.

graphic image of text: 10 Years, Emerging Markets Institute, Building Bridges and Encouraging Dialogue
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Emerging Markets Conference 2020: A Recap of Events

Emerging Markets Institute team members discuss the institute’s unique challenges and successes in hosting its first virtual conference.

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China’s e-currency is the world’s first sovereign digital currency

China is creating a digital yuan in an attempt to make their currency stronger and more global.

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African debt storm

EMI Fellow Tyler Botzon reports on the global pandemic’s staggering economic implications for heavily indebted countries in Africa.