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Executive MBA students and senior lecturer Casanova stand in front of a presentation board for the class
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Emerging markets elective highlights teamwork and insight among EMBAs

David Wei Wu (EMBA Metro NY) shares what he learned about emerging markets—and his classmates—during a winter residential session elective course.

Students holding a banner
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EMI’s China trek: Free enterprise, socialist goals, and a rich cultural heritage

Abhishek Banerjee, Two-Year MBA ’20, shares views and insights on China’s economy and society after his visit to the country.

Students stand outside in the sun in Ghana
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Africa Trek: An eye-opening experience and first-hand look at market trends

Guillaume Allard, One-Year MBA ’20, shares insights into South Africa and Ghana gained during Johnson’s MBA student trek to Africa.

Close up of a person holding a phone that says ecommerce
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The impact of e-commerce: China versus the United States

EMI undergrad research assistant explains how Alibaba and Amazon compete with fast shipping and competitive prices to capture global retail.

Students on the Cornell MBA Japan and Korea Trek
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Korea-Japan Trek: Learning about emerging markets and beyond

Hassan Ladhubhai shares insights and lessons learned from companies visited during his trek through Korea and Japan with other Johnson MBAs.

A team poses for a photo at the front of the conference space
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EMI Conference 2019: New ideas and new rules as we enter a new decade

Zach Bubolo reflects on the 2019 EMI Conference, which included thought-provoking panels, a spirited case competition, and new ideas.

A community resource person in Pakistan, with her bag of products.
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Selling Unilever products in rural Pakistan while empowering women entrepreneurs

Mahrusah Zahin, MPA ’20 (CHE), an EMI Fellow, reflects on her time in Pakistan with the Rural Support Programmes Network and women leaders in their communities.

Johnson students at the Shanghai stock exchange
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Innovation in China: A sneak peek at the future

Johnson alum German Peralta, MBA ’17, reflects on his 2015 trip to China and compares the country’s growth to emerging markets in Latin America.

A laptop computer and a hand holding a credit card
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The United States lags behind China in adopting mobile payments

Mobile payments dominate in China. The United States lags behind and remains loyal to traditional payment methods. Will we catch up?