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Four students stand in front of a large temple in Thailand
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Spring trek combines Asian culture, real estate, and infrastructure

Emile Schachter, MPS-RE ’20 (Baker), reflects on Asian culture, economics, and the real estate market after his trek to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Roundtable attendees in discussion at a table
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Roundtable Recap: Card check, employer associations, and hotel arbitration discussed at annual Labor Relations Roundtable

The 8th Annual Labor Relations Roundtable invited hospitality industry representatives to discuss the ever-changing landscape of labor and employment law.

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Research Recap: The relationship satisfaction factor in successful brand-hotel partnerships

Chekitan Dev, professor of marketing at the School of Hotel Administration, has co-authored a study recently published in Industrial Marketing Management.

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New restaurants are mad crazy to be opening right now — or are they?

Lecturer Lilly Jan says it might not be ideal to open up a new restaurant right now, but wouldn’t call it crazy.

Students pose in traditional Korean ‘hanbok’ formal attire
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Japan-Korea trek focuses on business strategy in wines and spirits

Students in Johnson’s residential MBA programs traveled to Japan and Korea, identifying international business opportunities in wine and spirits.

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Employees looks at companies’ actions, not just statements

Management Professor Bruce Tracey says that how companies treat people during these difficult times will impact them for years to come.

A wall painting showing Indian women using a mask to protect from Covad-19, and an Indian Women walking talking in the phone
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COVID-19’s impact on India

EMI intern Srishti Mutha explains COVID-19s impact on the well-being of thousands of people, education, the economy, and the environment in India.

Taylor stands in front of old PepsiCo equipment
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Interning at PepsiCo: More than a can of soda (pop)

Taylor Hogenkamp, Two-Year MBA ’20, reflects on his time as a supply chain and procurement intern at PepsiCo and its connections to the SGE immersion.

Students on the Cornell team are giving the thumbs up sign from their individual homes
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Cornell team places among winners in U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Solar District Cup

A multidisciplinary team of Cornell students placed third in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition.