Park Fellows

A man crosses a stream in a rugged landscape
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Jamie Hunt, MBA ’13, reflects on his experience as a Park Fellow and living with impact

A Q&A with alumnus Jamie Hunt outlines his Johnson memories, the creation of the Patagonia Leadership Expedition, and his insights on making an impact.

Students from the Cornell Energy Club pose for a photo
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Park Perspectives: To change careers, follow your passions and abilities

Daniel Titterington, MBA ’20, explores how Johnson helped him identify and carry out his career transition to renewable energy finance.

Students high-five over a table of LEGO
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Park Perspectives: Operational concepts get real

Cecelia McDonald, MBA ’20, reflects on the very real benefits of applying the concept of utilization to her own life as well as her career.

Six Park Fellows from the Classes of 2020 and 2021.
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Park Perspectives: Three steps in my leadership journey

Ashley Clark, Two-Year MBA ’20 and Park Leadership Fellow, outlines three steps that helped her navigate the depth and complexity of leadership.

Laura Georgianna and Jessica Rolph sit facing each other in chairs on stage., Jessica is speaking.
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Jessica Rolph’s journey from Cornell student to MBA to cofounder of two best-selling brands

Jessica Rolph, founder and CEO of Lovevery, talks about purpose, partnerships, getting acquired, and starting up all over again.

Taylor Nguyen and three teammates
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Park Perspectives: Seeing leadership through a different lens

Taylor Nguyen, Two-Year MBA ’21, reflects on the lessons in leadership she has gained from her classmates’ diversity of backgrounds.

Five students pose for a photo wearing branded jackets.
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Park Perspectives: Finding a personal definition of success

Austin Blais, Two-Year MBA ’20, takes a journey of personal and professional discovery as he immerses himself in his MBA projects.

A group of MBA students
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Park Perspectives: The importance of staying true to yourself

Danielle and Emma discuss how friendships, and Johnson, can help you remember who you are and why you came to business school.

Caleb Heyman at the Taj Mahal
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Park Perspectives: Learning by choosing

Caleb Heyman, Two-Year MBA ’21, reflects on what he learned about leadership and the role of decision-making as a Park Leadership Fellow.