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Frontier, Spirit merger likely to draw DOJ scrutiny

Professor Christopher Anderson says a merger could result in lower prices for travelers due to the airlines’ similar business models.

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A New Study Explains What It Takes to Stop Wasting So Much Time Online

Associate Professor Kaitlin Woolley studied 6,000 individuals to understand what keeps people mindlessly scrolling, and how to stop.

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What Happens to Service When You Raise the Minimum Wage?

A study co-authored by Professor Vrinda Kadiyali finds that higher pay is positive for at least one group—customers.

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‘Future of Money’ economist says the end of cash is coming—here’s what could replace it

“For many consumers and businesses that made the switch to digital payments, there is probably no going back, even if the pandemic-related concerns about the tactile nature of cash were to recede,” says Professor Eswar Prasad.

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The home-sharing start-ups coming for Airbnb’s throne

“Airbnb, having such a huge first-mover advantage and having so many hosts… they have a huge scale of benefits that are going to be hard to replicate,” Professor Chekitan Dev tells The Washington Post.

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Bitcoin drops below $43,000 on El Salvador’s first day using it

Fintech expert Professor Will Cong comments on Bitcoin’s value drop, an event that happened on El Salvador’s first day of using the cryptocurrency as legal tender.

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Some Hotels Are Mandating Vaccines. Will Others Follow?

“At the current stage, I don’t think we will see broad vaccine requirements by hotels,” Professor Christopher Anderson tells The New York Times.

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Is This Food Really Healthy? New Packaging Labels Would Tell You

Professor David Just tells Scientific American that the Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2021 does address a real problem “and could perhaps have a positive influence.”

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Why Your Next Trip Might Be More Expensive Than Your Last

Professor Christopher Anderson tells The New York Times that there will likely continue to be soft demand for big cities that rely on business travel and international leisure travel.