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MBA Q&A: Why the future is fintech

Fintech. To some, it’s a term that sounds unfamiliar. To the MBA students within Cornell Tech’s classrooms, however, it’s widely considered to be the future of the finance industry.

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9 expert MBA admissions tips for 2018

MBA admissions directors, including Johnson’s Judi Byers, offer the very best advice for applicants looking to stand out in the admissions process.

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3 reasons why robo-advisors threaten the traditional wealth management industry

Have you ever considered the advice of a robot for your investments? It probably sounds weird, but it’s not at all. Robo-advisors are real, and they are giving advice right now.

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The state of fintech

The banking industry has been a late adopter of technology, known for making things inefficient and hard both for internal processes and clients using their products. New tech competitors are now threatening the banking industry by offering a superior user experience.

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Cornell Johnson MBA admissions interview with Eddie Asbie

Touch MBA’s podcast interviews Johnson student Eddie Asbie on admissions, career opportunities, and his own experience as an MBA candidate at Cornell.

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Johnson’s LGBT community: Genuine, engaged, valued

Johnson is actively challenging attitudes that necessitate covering as well as other challenges facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.