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If government’s first duty is to protect us, how can masks in public be optional?

Senior Lecturer Dana Radcliffe discusses an important ethical question around the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The U.S.-China trade deal risks falling victim to spiraling ties

Professor Eswar Prasad discusses deteriorating US-China relations, declining since the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the globe.

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‘Do you belong here?’: Lawsuits allege Hilton, other hotels discriminated against Black guests

Professor David Sherwyn says big hotel brands can recommend anti-discrimination training for franchised properties, but lack teeth under the law to require it.

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COVID exacerbates malnutrition in India, study finds

Professor Prabhu Pingali finds India’s strict COVID-lockdown has led to increased produce prices, limiting the affordability of a diverse diet.

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IHG bets on ultra-luxury even in this economy by expanding Regent hotels

Professor Steve Carvell says the the luxury market tends to be more insulated and recession-proof in most downturns.

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What hotel staycations during Covid era will be like

Professor Christopher Anderson says goodbye to the buffet, hello to the pre-wrapped meal option.

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Spend more on society and get more for yourself

Professor Robert Frank says the current pandemic shows us that different spending patterns could improve both the health and well-being of almost everyone in America.

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Focus on hotels: Brand new world

A future hospitality brand shakeout is inevitable, says Professor Chekitan Dev, as hotels continue to operate through the COVID pandemic.

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Costco to open new stores, continue senior shopping hours indefinitely

Professor Karan Girotra says large net incomes this quarter for major grocery chains is not surprising as consumer spending shifts during the pandemic.