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China Puts Limits on Foreign Banks, Worrying Businesses

Dyson Professor Eswar Prasad tells the New York Times that China will eventually resume with opening up to foreign financial institutions.

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Rapid global heating is hurting farm productivity, study finds

A study led by Professor Ariel Ortiz-Bobea shows that global farming productivity since the 1960s is 21% lower than it could have been without climate change.

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What will travel look like when the pandemic is over?

Professor Christopher Anderson tells CNN that he thinks alternative lodging will continue to be a “bright spot” in the hospitality industry.

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He just spent $69 million on a digital piece of art. It’s not his first Beeple.

“Think about how traditional art pieces are hard to trade,” Professor Will Cong tells the Washington Post. “That is solved after the ownership can be easily divided and traded.”

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Democrats Question Game-Like Trading Apps at House Hearing

“These online brokers use prompts, push notifications and other nudges for the purpose of eliciting a specific behavior: increased trading by the investor,” Professor Vicki Bogan said at the House Financial Services Committee Meeting on GameStop.

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Students save man from frigid lake after fishing mishap

Anjan Mani ’23, a student at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, was among three students who saved a man from downing in a local frigid lake.

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Opinion: Flying is safer than driving, even during the pandemic. These statistics show why.

If you choose to travel during the pandemic, flying is the still the safest option, writes Dyson Professor Garrick Blalock and Johnson Professor Vrinda Kadiyali in their Washington Post op-ed.

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Market Manipulation Chatter Rises as Digital Art Scene Explodes

“Fraud detection is hard,” Professor William Cong tells Bloomberg. “Even if they are all non-fungible, they’re still anonymous and it would be hard to track down market manipulators.”

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Johnson Cornell Tech MBA Alumni Startups Tackle COVID-19 Challenges

Enroute and Tangle–two startups launched by 2020 Cornell Tech MBA graduates–are tackling the challenges of COVID-19.