upper body portrait of Vishal Gaur.
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Meet Vishal Gaur, the Johnson School’s New Dean

Dean Gaur believes in continually innovating business education and exploring the role of AI and analytics in transforming the MBA experience.

Three winners receive awards
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Research: ‘Status Symbols’ in Online Debates Can Create Bias

New research involving machine learning determined that the persuasive power of “symbolic status” from virtual badges in online debates has the potential to create an imbalance of power.

Headshot of Heather Schofield.
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Meet Our New Faculty: Heather Schofield

Heather Schofield is a new assistant professor of applied economics and policy at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Headshot of Arielle Anderer.
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Meet Our New Faculty: Arielle Anderer

Arielle Anderer joins the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management as assistant professor, operations, technology, and information management.

upper body photo of Yichun Hu on a city street.
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Meet Our New Faculty: Yichun Hu

Meet Yichun Hu, new assistant professor of operations, technology, and information management at the Johnson School.

headshot of Johnny Tang.
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Meet Our New Faculty: Johnny Tang

Meet Johnny Tang, new assistant professor of finance at the Johnson School, and learn about his research, interests, and courses he will be teaching.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept showing a transparent brain-shaped network overlaid on multicolored points of light against an otherwise dark background.
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4 Ways to Leverage AI in Your Corporate Strategy

Johnson School faculty identify four best practices senior executives can employ to capitalize on advancements in AI and dodge common pitfalls.

Hand reaching for brownie dessert
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Research: To Resist Temptation, Think Short-Term

Research shows that short-term costs of unhealthy eating is more effective at helping people avoid indulging than highlighting long-term costs.

A newspaper with the headline Job Market, with glasses and a pen on top.
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Big Firms Don’t Always Exercise Their Labor Market Power to Suppress Wages

To wield labor market power, large companies must centralize their hiring. But many decentralize instead, giving up their power. New research suggests why.