Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership

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Noteworthy: Dr. Geraldine McGinty discusses the benefits of an MBA

Dr. Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, discusses the benefits of an MBA for healthcare professionals with the Radiology Leadership Institute.

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Noteworthy: Chelsea Clinton reflects on why children’s health is close to her heart

Chelsea Clinton recently spoke as part of the Luminaries in Healthcare Leadership series presented by the Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program.

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Look to entrepreneurs for what’s next in healthcare

With consumers demanding more from healthcare and the industry struggling to contain costs, professionals with entrepreneurial mindsets will shape the future.

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Curriculum to strengthen and empower tomorrow’s healthcare leaders

At the heart of our Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program is a specialized curriculum that helps candidates strengthen their business skills and management capabilities as they relate to the healthcare industry.

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Are you a good fit for the Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program?

Looking to take the next step in your healthcare career? Learn about the types of students we’re looking for and how to craft a stand-out application.

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Johnson’s Executive MBA Class of 2019 new student profile

The Executive MBA Class of 2019 is well into the start of their first semester. We’re excited to introduce the newest Executive MBA class—263 students!


The Digital Revolution Takes on Healthcare

Digital technology is disrupting old models and driving innovation in healthcare, an industry that is ripe for change.

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Streamlining Patient Care: 4 ways my MBA made telemedicine possible in the ED

As healthcare continues to evolve and change, leaders must be equipped with a business skill set in order to be effective—an MBA can be invaluable.

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Mobilize the healthcare workforce? Challenge accepted.

Entrepreneur Alexi Nazem, MD, MBA, combines background in medicine, business for substantial impact