headshot of Louise Loyst
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Student Voices: Meet Louise Loyst, Executive MBA Metro NY Class of 2022

Learn why technology sales executive and believer in the power of education Louise Loyst joined the Executive MBA Metro NY Class of 2022.

headshot of Kamillah Knight
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Student Voices: Meet Kamillah Knight, Executive MBA Metro NY Class of 2022

Learn why diversity and inclusion leader and triple-red Cornellian Kamillah Knight joined the Executive MBA Metro NY Class of 2022.

Executive MBA students and senior lecturer Casanova stand in front of a presentation board for the class
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Emerging markets elective highlights teamwork and insight among EMBAs

David Wei Wu (EMBA Metro NY) shares what he learned about emerging markets—and his classmates—during a winter residential session elective course.

Photo of Faris Khader and his teammates
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Benefits of a team-based executive MBA program

The attitude that I see in my class overall can be described as this: “We may have all come in on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

Lesley Vincent, Executive MBA Metro NY ’19, director of Global Retail Operating Solutions at The Estee Lauder Companies
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Making an impact in global retail with an executive MBA

With my MBA, I’ll be able to react to the changing paradigms in global business—helping The Estee Lauder Companies maintain its leadership and prestige.

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Direct, immediate impact: Managing and Leading in Organizations

My Managing and Leading in Organizations class with Michelle Duguid has, without a doubt, already impacted my leadership capabilities and my career.

Faris Khader, Executive MBA Metro NY ’19 and his family
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Student, father, husband: Balancing priorities in an Executive MBA program

Deciding to pursue my MBA was a very crucial decision for me since I needed to continue to support my family: my three-year-old girl and my wife.

Classmates and friends featured image
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Learning from each other: Our classmates, our friends

Even after reading about the Executive MBA Metro NY program, it’s impossible to understand the education you will receive from your classmates and friends.

MBA Done Time to Reflect featured image
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MBA done. Time to reflect. Five lessons.

Dov Marmor, Executive MBA Metro NY ’18, shares five lessons he learned while completing his MBA.