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Immersion Trek brings SHA faculty to London for industry insights

The Faculty Immersion Trek helps faculty to remain current with global trends and continually learn new ways to approach their teaching and research.

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Rethinking food disposal with Baldor Food’s Thomas McQuillan

McQuillan, Baldor’s VP of corporate strategy, culture, and sustainability, talks to students about innovations in the food industry to reduce food waste.

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Symone Williams and Harrison Jobe win global Student Leadership Award

Student Council co-chairs Symone Williams and Harrison Jobe were awarded this year’s global Student Leadership Award from the Graduate Business Forum.

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Fishing for funding: Speaker talks challenges where sustainability, finance intersect

Neel Inamdar ’90, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise speaker, discusses the challenges in attracting impact investments to sustainable fisheries.

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The truths of teaching: Retiring Dyson School professors reflect on their careers

Dyson School faculty Dale Grossman, Ed McLaughlin, and Deb Streeter spoke to alumni and friends as they were honored at the Last Lecture event in NYC.

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Ethics speaker Kristin Behfar: Effective team leadership is ethical leadership

Kristin Behfar, PhD ’03, professor at U.S. Army War College, sees effectively leading a high-performing team as a manager’s ethical responsibility.

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Announcing Johnson’s 2019 alumni award recipients

Four Johnson alumni will be honored at the Big Red Bash, April 30, in NYC. Join us for an evening hosted by Alumni Affairs and CNBC’s Andrew Sorkin ’99.

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“Finding Synergy” at the 94th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell

Hotel Ezra Cornell, an annual SHA tradition and entirely student-run event, hosted its 94th gathering in 2019. The Board of Directors shares reflections.

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Noteworthy: Dean Walsh says SHA selects students who exemplify “the essence of service”

Dean Kate Walsh offers her insights into why Hotelies and hospitality leadership go hand-in-hand in an interview with Today’s Hotelier.