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A Culture of Intrapreneurship: 3 Practices for Organizational Innovation

Nolan School and ILR School faculty experts share tactics organizations can use to integrate innovation throughout their operations.

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Iconic Wines Class Gets Better with Age

“Introduction to Wines” marks 50 years of teaching Cornellians about the finer points of wine.

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Winds of Change in the Hospitality Industry

Nolan School Professor Chekitan Dev and Expedia’s Hari Nair, MMH ’02, discuss ten trends changing the world of hospitality, travel, and tourism.

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Research: Familiarity breeds contempt for moral failings

People judge members of their own circles more harshly than they judge individuals from other groups for the same transgressions, new Cornell SC Johnson College of Business research has found.

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Research: What Happens When We Assign Human Qualities to Companies?

New research from the Nolan Hotel School sheds light on the ways people assess organizations.

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Shape the Future of Senior Living Management

Nolan School lecturer Heather Kolakowski and industry specialists discuss affordable, sustainable, and inclusive senior living in an eCornell webcast.

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Meet Our New Faculty: Wyatt Lee

Wyatt Lee is a new assistant professor of management and operations at the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration.

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Meet Our New Faculty: Melanie Hoftyzer

Melanie Hoftzyer joins the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business as a senior lecturer of marketing and management communication.

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Meet Our New Faculty: Chris de Mestre

Chris de Mestre is a professor of practice in applied economics and policy at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.