a road lined with trees clothed in bright yellow and orange leaves in the sunshine, with a solitary bicyclist riding down the road.
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Winds of Change in the Hospitality Industry

Nolan School Professor Chekitan Dev and Expedia’s Hari Nair, MMH ’02, discuss ten trends changing the world of hospitality, travel, and tourism.

Hotel tree
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Unlocking Sustainable Hospitality: How Green Bonds Can Fuel a Greener Future for Hotels and Resorts

Corporate sustainability has become as mission critical in business as maximizing shareholder value.

4 men and one woman standing and smiling.
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Hot air balloon hotel concept wins international competition

Four MMH students won the Sustainability Hospitality Challenge for their business plan for “NIMBUS,” a carbon-neutral, hot air balloon hotel room.

Cornell-Peking MMH & MBA dual degree program
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Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Peking University announce dual-degree graduate hospitality business program

The dual-degree program strives to educate the next generation of leaders in the hospitality/service industry in China with global perspectives and capabilities.

Christopher Reynolds MMH ’21
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Student Voices: Meet Christopher Reynolds MMH ’21

Reynolds hopes to leverage his experience in culinary arts, restaurants, and marketing towards a career in the food and beverage industry.

Shoko Hiraoka MMH ’21
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Student Voices: Meet Shoko Hiraoka MMH ’21

Shoko Hiraoka MMH ’21 chose the MMH program because of its exciting intersection between business, hospitality, and innovation.

Group of professionals making a business deal.
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MMH externships give insider’s view of the hospitality industry

Two MMH students recap their winter externship experiences shadowing hospitality professionals in revenue management and hotel development.

Photo of some members of the MMH Class of 2018 cohort with Richelle King
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Why MMH? To strengthen our family business in the hospitality industry

A lot of people questioned why I chose to go to school to learn hospitality when I could learn it in my own backyard. But I chose the MMH program, and here’s why.

Photo of Elizabeth Blau, MS ’97
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Elizabeth Blau, MS ’97, awarded 2017 MMH Outstanding Alumna of the Year

After reviewing alumni nominations on a range of criteria, the MMH award committee has selected Elizabeth Blau, MS ’97, to receive the 2017 Cornell MMH Outstanding Alumna of the Year award.