upper body photo of Anna Richards with a spring garden in the background
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Financial and Business Consultant Anna Richards Helps Keep Farm Businesses Sustainable

10 Under 10 honoree Anna Richards, MBA ’20, founder of 2020 Consulting, is passionate about the agricultural industry and people who grow our food.

headshot of Thomas White with a 10 Under 10 graphic identifier place next to him/overlaid on the photo
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Investment banker and athlete Thomas White competes for market share in energy investing

10 Under 10 honoree Thomas White, MBA ’17, wakes up every day excited to compete and take market share in an extremely competitive energy landscape.

upper body photo of Morgan Jones with a white background and a graphic treatment of 10 Under 10 overlaid on the photo
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Morgan Jones is an educator dedicated to community relations, engagement, and service

10 Under 10 honoree Morgan Jones, director of community engagement for Avenues: The World School, is passionate about building strong communities.

Lawrence Watkins in a suit smiling in front of a car
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Doing the Greatest Good for Black Entrepreneurs

Lawrence Matthew Watkins MBA ’10 is a serial entrepreneur and investor who is determined to elevate the economic power of the Black community.

Jessica Ogonor smiling at a gate
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Jessica Ogonor, MBA ’17 Shares Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Jessica Ogonor, MBA ’17 is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in launching and relaunching ventures throughout the startup lifecycle. As she plans her next venture, Ogonor is taking all the lessons she learned as an entrepreneur to MetroSpeedy, a leading technology-based local delivery company in New York City.

Aaron Sebron sitting on a bench, leaning forward and smiling, with a green chrub in the background and a graphic treatment of "10 Under 10" overlaid on the side of the photo
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Adidas VP Aaron Seabron reinvented his career to align it with his passions

10 Under 10 honoree Aaron Seabron believes learning is the only competitive advantage and uses his own success to make a positive impact on others.

upper body photo of Steve Cheng, wearing a suit
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Consultant Steve Cheng says nurturing relationships is key to brokering M&A deals

10 Under 10 honoree Steve Cheng, MBA ’16, leads a Deloitte team that brokers M&A deals and enjoys executing deals that generate value to all stakeholders.

Pradeep Ambrose standing in a lab in front of lab equipment on a counter behind him
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How Pradeep Ambrose, PhD ’20, MBA ’21, became a “great friend to Bermuda”

Cornell connections brought together a virology scientist and MBA to help Bermuda grapple with a COVID surge and serve as interim science advisor.

portrait of Julie Belkus with 10 Under 10 graphic next to her image
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COO Julie Belkus overcomes supply chain challenges with flexibility and creativity

10 Under 10 honoree Julie Belkus, MBA ’18, COO of Rags, says her drive to create and find better ways to do things is the heartbeat of her career.