Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

Photo of the entrance of a local business, Sunny Days of Ithaca, on the Commons
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How the global pandemic changed a small business in a big way

MBA students in BR Microenterprise recap their experience advising a local business, which included pivoting their strategy in response to COVID-19.

Taylor stands in front of old PepsiCo equipment
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Interning at PepsiCo: More than a can of soda (pop)

Taylor Hogenkamp, Two-Year MBA ’20, reflects on his time as a supply chain and procurement intern at PepsiCo and its connections to the SGE immersion.

Students on the Cornell team are giving the thumbs up sign from their individual homes
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Cornell team places among winners in U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Solar District Cup

A multidisciplinary team of Cornell students placed third in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition.

Two goats face the camera in a barn at Laughing Goat Fiber Farm while three goats play in the background
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Laughing Goat Fiber Farm: From fiber to finished goods

What do MBA students, goats, and sustainability have in common? An amazing opportunity for growth. MBAs recap their experience helping a local business.

Cornell Chronicle logo
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Cornell helps forge a new field: finance sustainability

In a climate change issue of the Review of Financial Studies, spearheaded by co-editor Professor Andrew Karolyi, research by Dyson faculty have staked new territory for study: finance sustainability.

Russell in front of a wall at Oceana
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My Oceana experience: Moving toward a career in environmental sustainability

Ocean plastic pollution is a global crisis, and it will probably get worse before it gets better. MBA student Russell Grandin is speaking out to affect positive change.

Cornell Chronicle logo
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Execs: Consumers pushing companies toward sustainability

The virtual Cornell Business Impact Symposium was organized by several student clubs under the guidance of Monica Touesnard, associate director of the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise.

Fisk Johnson in a diving suit above water holding plastic waste in the ocean

Fisk Johnson, CEO of SC Johnson: A champion in the crusade against plastic ocean waste

SC Johnson CEO Fisk Johnson talks about why ending plastic ocean waste is important to him, his company, and human life on this planet.

Feam standing among two rows of flags outdoors
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An internship with impact at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland

Feam recaps his internship with the United Nations Office at Geneva where he evaluated progress toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and more.