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the coronavirus and the global economy. image of virus cells and market trend graph
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The Rundown: Highlights from the week of May 25

Expert perspectives from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty on COVID-19’s impact on business, hospitality, and the economy.

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COVID-19 causes supply chain headaches for coffee growers

Associate Professor Miguel Gomez says any added production costs on commodity coffee will lead to a small increase in store price.

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China drops GDP target for first time in wake of coronavirus

Professor Eswar Prasad says that China’s decision to abandon setting a gross domestic product target for the first time is a wise one.

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Hotels fund more cleaning by cutting room amenities and breakfast buffets

Professor Chekitan Dev discusses the hotel industry’s aim to boost confidence in cleanliness during coronavirus pandemic.

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Emerging economies faring worse in coronavirus crisis

Professor Andrew Karolyi says in two and a half months, four times as much money left emerging markets as did in the Great Recession.

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How hospitality revenue managers can take a more holistic approach to planning and profitability

Emeritus Professor Sherri Kimes explains how the COVID-19 pandemic might offer an opportunity for hotels to refresh their revenue operations.

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New COVID-19 rules will change intimate atmosphere of restaurants, expert says

Senior Lecturer Stephani Robson suggests new rules for restaurants meant to prevent COVID spread could hurt the atmosphere expected from the industry.

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U.S. is using Taiwan as a pressure point in tech fight with China

Professor Eswar Prasad discusses the Trump administration’s challenges towards Chinese access to Taiwan’s high-tech supply chain.

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The new face of restaurant hospitality wears a mask

Professor Alex Susskind describes the new reality of visible signs of sanitation becoming the new mark of hospitality.