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aerial view of the Cornell Campus and Cayuga Lake in the summer
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Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Hosts ESG Investing Conference

The conference is timely given that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has two new proposed rules targeting ESG investing.

A picture of Ina Gjika at the opening plenary of the conference with the stage and big screen of sponsors behind her.
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Solving the Climate Crisis is About Preserving Human Dignity

Ina Gjika, MS ’22, reflects on Aspen Ideas: Climate, a conference she attended with support from CSGE and the Cornell Energy Club.

Mariana Flores Aguilar sitting at her desk wearing a gray Microsoft sweatshirt.
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From Nature to Technology, Making an Impact

Mariana Flores Aguilar, MBA ’22, writes about her experience as an intern on the Technology for Social Impact team at Microsoft.

Andrew Karolyi and Stanley Whittingham seated at a table draped with a CIBA banner and speaking.
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Education and Green Technology Offer Southern Tier Renewal Opportunities

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Binghamton University, and Center for International Business Advancement collaborate on green tech and jobs.

A picture of Benjamin Goulet standing next to the EY logo
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Sustainability in Management Consulting Internship with EY-Parthenon

Benjamin Goulet, MBA ’22, describes his experience as a consulting intern for EY-Parthenon, including access to leaders of sustainability initiatives.

Green economy growth concept with businessman standing in front of a rising bar chart made of green foliage
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Business Impact Symposium Explores the Need for Climate Finance

Investments need to focus not only on climate change mitigation measures but also on adaptation issues communities worldwide are facing.

orange and green electric garbage truck with electric cord graphic on the side
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Preparing for the Greener Future of Electric Garbage Trucks

Yimi Zhao, MBA ’22, made the business case for electric garbage trucks in an internship enabled by Johnson’s Social Impact Internship Fund.

A picture of a yoga class with women and men in a twisted high lunge pose.
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Embracing the Virtual Environment: Transforming a Local Yoga Studio to a National Offering

Big Red Microenterprise members Cara Esposito and Yifan Wu helped Fine Spirit Yoga optimize its brand and online offerings for a national consumer base.

A picture of Katie McGahan’s desk with a Ford mug and notebook, her laptop open and a computer monitor on showing a Ford advertisement
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Finding Sustainability in an Unexpected Role

Katie McGahan, MBA ’22, took an internship with Ford’s treasury department hoping —but not expecting—to find a way to integrate sustainability.